“I Have A Lotta Fun F*ckin’ With People On Twitter”

“I Have A Lotta Fun F*ckin’ With People On Twitter”

With the hype surrounding Twitter beef and gossip days, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 recently chopped it up with SOHH about his addiction to the social networking tool.

According to the Slaughterhouse MC, Twitter allows him to share a part of his personality that isn’t alway easy to portray through music.

I have a lotta fun f*ckin’ with people on Twitter. It’s a good vehicle to show a part of your personality that might not come across in your music. Being that accessible to fans — I hate callin’ them fans — but being that accesible to people keeps people from treating you like some kind of science project.(SOHH)

Despite being under rap star Eminem’s wing at Shady Records, Royce uses Twitter to speak with high profile celebrities and the average person simultaneously.

No matter how much popularity that I acheive, I want people to treat me like a regular person. That’s why I chose to not only converse with celebrities or only promote something on Twitter because it’s an opportunity to show people that I’m just a regular person. So yeah, I’ll get on there and argue like crazy. It’s all in fun though.(SOHH)

Recently, controversial West Coast rapper Game‘s Twitter account was linked to a minor debacle involving the LAPD earlier this year.

Game tells TMZ he never authored the tweet in question. Game says he was in the middle of a photo shoot Friday night when a childhood friend of his — whose Twitter handle is @wackstar — began going to town on The Game’s phone … typing in five phone numbers and calling people to action. The Game insists his friend had no idea one of the numbers went to the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriffs claim that once their office was flooded with phone calls they asked The Game to call people off — but Game says he never received the message. As he put it, “They don’t have my number and I’m not following the police.”(TMZ)

Rhymer Wale recently used the Web to air out Rosa Acosta after she used her Twitter page to share less-than-stellar reviews about one of his performances.

“Rosa you owe me 15%, I made you hot my n*gga…Don’t submit your opinion to the public. Your talent doesn’t require a voice. We listen to real women in 2011, not industry slides…If your talent is your areola…you don’t deserve an opinion.” – Wale, on Rosa Acosta after she tweeted criticism about his performance last night. (Complex)

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