“I Had Done The Battles & I Feel Like I’ve Grown So Much Beyond That”

“I Had Done The Battles & I Feel Like I’ve Grown So Much Beyond That”

[With the new release of her No Regrets project, rapper/singer LikWuid explains the concepts behind each of her EP’s six records.]

1. Likwuidation Reprise

My very first album I dropped in 2003 was called Likwuidation. I felt like that was the album where I [displayed] all of my spitting and lyricisim. I was just beginning to grow as an artist. I felt like I had grown so much since then so I kind of wanted to do a project that picked up from there to now. This kind of describes me as who I am and what I believe. It’s straight forward.

2. Loose Change

This first verse describes how I see myself in the industry today as a woman who happens to rhyme, or an emcee who happens to be female, and it gets a bit frustrating. So I say exactly what I feel. In the first verse I say, “Why I gotta be the bush at a sausage fest?” It’s very masculine and alpha-male. In the second verse, it’s pretty much a disperse from myself which is actually funny because people probably think I’m talking about something else. It’s unapologetic.

3. Sight For Sore Eyes

This track kind of examines relationships. The set-up is a husband and wife that’s been married for a while and are just at each other’s ends. So with this, it’s about relationships and not looking back. No regrets when it comes to relationships. It’s just about whatever decision you make, be comfortable with it and move on in life. Life is short.

4. Queendom Anthem

I just feel like women face a heavy burden in today’s society. Not only in the U.S. I was watching this documentary on young girls who are forced to marry at 11, 12, these ridiculously young ages. These guys who pick their wives and [treat them] like children. As soon as you’re born as a girl, you almost have to face life like a woman. It was a lot to take on. Here in America, these are the women stereotypes you have to put up with and the constant degradation.

5. L Is For Love

This is another dope track. I’ve been through different disagreements as an artist, as most artists do. I don’t feel comfortable making diss records. In the past, I had done the battles and I feel like I’ve grown so much farther beyond that. I feel like all that stuff is a distraction within our community. Hip-hop should be about peace, love, community and having fun. I feel like love is the ultimate emotion and it can solve and cure any issue or problem from any aspect.

6. No Regrets

When I began rhyming, it was actually due to this group named Odysse from South Carolina. We stayed together from 2001, 2002 probably to 2005, 2006 and then the group broke up. It took me the longest amount of time but I finally got everybody on the same song for this project. The song discusses what we’ve all been through together leading up to this song. It was just an accomplishment to get us all together on this. Within the hip-hop community, this is a pretty big song.

Check out a teaser of No Regrets below:

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