“I Grew Up On Funkmaster Flex & It’s Like, ‘Yo Fam, Just Give Me A Shot'”

“I Grew Up On Funkmaster Flex & It’s Like, ‘Yo Fam, Just Give Me A Shot'”

After catching our attention by publicly reaching out to New York’s Hot 97 radio veteran Funkmaster Flex last week with a Tweet, SOHH decided to hit up Big Apple rapper Donny Goines to get the backstory.

Admitting he is not looking for a Funk Flex prime time shout-out, Donny said he just wants to have a one-on-one with the radio vet.

“I don’t want a co-sign, let me just make that very clear, I don’t want a co-sign,” Donny told SOHH. “I just want somebody to respect me for the work that I’ve put in and respect me for what I do. He’s the kind of person, one of the ambassadors for New York City. And that doesn’t mean I don’t deal with people in terms of deejays and people like that, but him personally, I feel it’s like, ‘Yo, fam. I know you’ve heard of me by this point.’ [laughs] There’s no way he could not have heard of me. And every deejay in New York I know personally. They’re all fans of my music.” (SOHH)

Goines also said never having met Flex inspired the Harlem-bred rapper to reach out to him last week.

“It’s just this one particular that, like, you have so much power and say so within this realm,” Donny added. “And I ain’t talking about [just within the] deejay [crew.] I’m talking about New York City. F*ck the bullsh*t. I’m talking about my city. Regardless of where I live, I will always be a New Yorker and that kind of person. I grew up on Funkmaster Flex and it’s like, ‘Yo fam, just give me a shot.’ You know what I’m saying? I don’t want a handout from [Flex], I’m gonna be fine regardless. No disrespect to him but it’s like, come on, sh*t. Give my f*cking music a chance. Because you’re going to come to me later on and it’s going to be like, “Yo, this guy is the greatest and …’ and I’m just going to look at him like he’s retarded. Like, ‘Yo, what are you talking about? I’ve reached out to you so many times.’ He probably doesn’t know who the f*ck I am, I mean, who knows. But he’s the one person that I have not yet met, I have not communicated with and I know everyone in New York. He’s the one person I haven’t talked to. He’s the only person. Just give me a shot.” (SOHH)

Although Flex now has his own television show, the New York hip-hop personality is widely recognized for his days in radio.

Not since the early ’80s when DJs such as Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa were acknowledged as two of rap’s most popular figures had a hip-hop DJ attained such prominent status among the masses as New York’s Funkmaster Flex. Throughout the 1990s he reigned over New York’s mammoth rap scene, capable of making or breaking artists with his high-profile position at the top-rated radio station in America’s top radio market, Hot 97. By the mid-’90s, he was also the weekly DJ at one of New York’s top clubs, the Tunnel, and also had his radio show broadcasting on Los Angeles’ Power 106, America’s second largest radio market. Furthermore, Flex began releasing commercially successful mix albums in the mid-’90s. (All Music)

Outside of Flex talk, Goines is currently preparing the release of his upcoming album, Success Served Cold.

“The album’s title is a combination of two popular expressions, “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and “Success is the best revenge”. I chose the title I did because those two sayings explain exactly how I feel. I move very methodically, and I am really focused on becoming one of the greatest to ever do it, period. The premise of the title and vibe really simply is stating a simple sentiment. My greatest revenge will be my success and non-believers are going to have to eat that.” (Reading Is For The Rich)

Donny Goines has removed his Funkmaster Flex tweet from his Twitter feed.

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