“I Feel Like What He Has Is Something That Can’t Be Recreated”

“I Feel Like What He Has Is Something That Can’t Be Recreated”

After the release of her “How Does It Feel” hit the Internet, SOHH reached out to pop newcomer Sabrina to find out if she secretly has an infatuation with the remade song’s originator, D’Angelo.

Asked why she decided to remake D’Angelo’s 2000 Grammy-winning track, Sabrina said she missed the pre-viral music days.

“I just think back [in the late 1990’s], people took their time and now it’s like, everything’s digital and everything’s fast,” Sabrina told SOHH about her motivation to redoing D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” record. “If a record’s been out for two weeks, it’s dead. Everything is just so rushed whereas back then, the Internet wasn’t crazy as it is now. I think people took their time and actually went into the studio to record the record and not just e-mailing tracks back and forth. They gave real good, quality music. With D’Angelo, I feel like what he has is something that can’t be recreated because he has a natural soul to him, a natural sexiness to him. He seems very humble.” (SOHH)

Although the track pays homage to D’Angelo, Sabrina is not focused on recreating the hunky crooner’s s catalogue.

“I think he’s probably heard about it by now,” Sabrina added. “It’s been out for a couple days but it’s been all over already. I haven’t heard anything yet but I think he’ll appreciate it. We even put a ‘Paying Homage’ page on our website, RemakeDAngelo.com. We’re not trying to copycat. We’re just paying our respects to the good music. I haven’t heard from him yet.” (SOHH)

With the track out for retail, Sabrina recently gave her top reasons fans should buy the vocal ode.

“The number one reason is because the original was so great. We recreated it which was sort of difficult because in the first one,D’Angelo is so humble, sensual and shy. To women, that’s really sexy whereas you don’t want to come across as a dude who sits around and has sex with his socks on. It’s like a sexy and humble thing. It was really hard to recreate but I think Tracy Tyler, the producer, did a really good job with that. So we just had to recreate that and I think it’s great.” (SOHH Buy My Record)

Released over ten years ago, D’Angelo’s hit single was reportedly an ode to music veteran Prince.

“Untitled (How Does It Feel)” is a song by American R&B and neo soul musician D’Angelo, released January 1, 2000 on Virgin Records in the United States. It was issued as a radio singlein promotion of his second studio album, Voodoo (2000). Written and produced by D’Angelo and Raphael Saadiq, the song was originally composed as a tribute to musician Prince. “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” contains a vintage style and sound similar to that of Prince’s early musical work, while it also incorporates musical elements of soul, funk, quiet storm, and rock music. The song’s lyrics concern a man’s plea to his lover for sex. (Wikipedia)

Check out Sabrina’s “How Does It Feel” music video below:

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