“I Don’t Find It Insulting To Be Compared To Amber Rose”

“I Don’t Find It Insulting To Be Compared To Amber Rose”

After giving fans a sneak peek of her music skills on “Love & Hip Hop” season two, model-turned-singer Erica Mena gives SOHH the inside scoop on just how serious she is taking the music industry.

Mena said despite balancing mother duties and modeling, her focus is still on music-making.

“Right now, it’s definitely about the music and trying to figure out what we’re going to be putting out, but I’m really excited,” Mena told SOHH when asked what fans can expect from her in the near future. “I think you guys are going to be surprised and won’t know what to expect is coming from me. I try to dedicate as much time as possible for the music. I try to put in studio time while my son is in school or after he’s home and asleep. It really depends on what’s going on because all of my days are different. Right now, any little bit of studio time for me is liberating. Even if I only get an hour a day, I’m in the studio writing, recording and doing as much as possible. For me, it’s definitely about perfecting the craft and making sure what I deliver is something I feel proud of.” (SOHH)

She also gave her reaction to possibly getting compared to fellow model-turned-singer Amber Rose.

“Modeling is always going to be my first love, I’ve been modeling since I was 16, so it’s been a big part of my life,” Mena added. “I think where I’m coming from with the music is definitely going to be different. I’m not really worried about being compared to someone like Amber Rose. Her style and work ethic right now is amazing. I don’t find it insulting to be compared to Amber Rose. I love her. I definitely think once people hear the sound, I think I’ll be able to build my own category of my own.” (SOHH)

Following her introduction on “Love & Hip Hop,” Mena released a song teaser in December.

Erica Mena of Vh1?s “Love & Hip Hop” released a snippet of her song “Fantasy.” The young energetic model will debut her singing skills on the next episode of the popular series. Erica was introduced onto the show via Yandy Smith who was potentially going to help manage her. After Erica fought Kimbella, another one of Yandy’s clients it doesn’t seem like things are going as planned for Mena. (Hello Beautiful)

Last fall, Amber Rose hit up SOHH and talked about dedicating her time into the music biz.

“Oh yeah man, I’m in the studio every single night,” Rose told SOHH. “Like, I do not sleep. [laughs] I’m really, really, grinding. I’m really in the studio. The music that I make is fun, it’s dance music, it’s club, just super fun music that gets you in a great mood and makes you happy. So I’m all about music and this is my time to really, really come out and hopefully make people happy when they listen to it.” (SOHH)

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