“I Could Never Say Anything Foul About Him On [Any] Level”

“I Could Never Say Anything Foul About Him On [Any] Level”

Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon recently discussed Nas‘s display of support for his upcoming Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang album and how their “Rich & Black” collaboration was a long overdue.

Admitting the record was favor repaid since Nas missed out on guest appearance for 2009’s Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, Rae said fans could expect a strong joint track.

“That record right there is definitely a powerful record,” Rae said referring to his collaboration with Nas. “I think the fans were waiting a long time for us to get back in the booth together and spit some rhymes, but it came out hot and the name of the record is called ‘Rich & Black.’ That was something I was inspired to call it based on how Nas felt at the time. He just felt like, in a way, he owed me a favor from missing Cuban Linx 2 — I’m just the type of person that likes to move on impulse because I don’t really like to plan. I know sometimes plans get messed up and it just happened — It has a great quality of sound to it that I think people’s are really gonna love — When you hear it, it gives you that glow like, we back again. Like I said, that’s my dude. I could never say anything foul about him on no level. Regardless if he didn’t make the Cuban Linx 2, I know his heart was there. That’s what counts.” (Hip Hollywood)

The song’s producer, Sean C, recently opened up about the record’s sound.

“‘It’s a crazy feeling to be a part in those two getting back together–just straight forward, ‘Boom Bap’ type hip-hop. It’s real simple with no frosting,” says Sean C. “We wanted to give the emcees room to move. They got more than two verses–that’s all I can say. Yall will hear it very soon. Everything has been finalized.” (VIBE)

A few weeks ago, Rae hinted at what fans could anticipate.

“It definitely sounds like vintage Rae and Nas again,” Rae said about their leaked track. “I [saw] Nas across seas, we had a show together, and we talked about a lot of things,” Rae explained about how the two linked up. “We went from ‘A through Z ‘, how we felt about things what was goin on at the time, and by thegrace of God we was able to get this thing happenin’ again. That was definitely one of the surprise things that I wanted to alert the fans with, just to let em know that my brother came up [for] air for me and I know through his busy schedule, in the back of his mind he was like ‘Yo I gotta come up for Rae.'” (XXL Mag)

Their track leaked across the Internet around early January.

This past weekend, the tracklisting for Raekwon’s Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was finally revealed, boasting seventeen tracks and almost as many features. One notable guest appearance comes from fellow New Yorker Nas, who will appear on the song “Rich And Black.” Raekwon recently confirmed that the tracklisting was correct, give or take a few issues with sequencing. (Hip Hop DX)

Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is set to drop March 2011.

Check out Raekwon’s interview down below:

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