Hurricane Chris Unfazed By Sophomore Jinx Theory, “I Ain’t No Nerd With This Rap”

Hurricane Chris Unfazed By Sophomore Jinx Theory, “I Ain’t No Nerd With This Rap”

With the upcoming release of Hurricane ChrisUnleashed, SOHH asked the rapper if he was worried about competing with the “sophomore jinx” theory.

For Chris, his confidence in rap has left him unfazed with trying to out-do 2007’s 51/50 Ratchet.

“Nah, we ain’t tripping off of none of that man,” Chris told SOHH. “We all hood with this, I go hard and harder every time I drop. I be freestyling and I be writing, I’m a fool with this. I ain’t no nerd with this rap. I go hard. [laughs] You know what I’m saying?” (SOHH)

The rapper recently explained calling himself one of the best rappers in hip-hop.

“Hand for hand, foot for foot, when it comes to rapping, you put somebody in my face and whatever category you give us, whatever you tell us to flow about, you tell us to talk about each other, I’m gonna destroy ‘em,” Chris promised SOHH. “I’ll destroy whoever you put in front of me. Your talent shines until it gets in the presence of mine. Understand that? You see a star in the sky and it looks real bright until you go out the next day and there’s a bigger star next to that star — D-Bo, D-Bo, D-Bo. I’m the D-Bo of the rap game. I’m the D-Bo of it, watch what I tell you.” (SOHH)

From Chris’ perspective, his freestyle skills place him ahead of the competition.

“I’m the best rapper alive, put a mic in front of me and you gon’ see what’s up!,” he explained in an interview. “You know they duckin’ me they dodging me; I’m that new kid on the block they’re scared of, that they know is gettin’ all the girls! But they be like ‘oh him?’ (laughs). But you know it’s hurting your feelings every time I get on the freestyle and wreck it till they can’t even listen to an instrumental no more. We got a lot of cats who say they freestyling, and you turn on the radio and you hear the same thing that they said they was freestyling a minute ago, you hear that wrote down, you know? A lot of these clowns is just what I said: clowns.” (SoJones)

The project features production from hitmakers including Shawty Red and Don Vito.

Former “A Bay Bay” rapper Hurricane Chris is readying the release of his sophomore album. Led by the recently released single “She’s Fine,” featuring Superstarr, Chris’ forthcoming effort is titled Unleashed. Play-N-Skillz and The Inkredibles are among those who are linked to Unleashed. (Singersroom).

Unleashed drops Monday, December 21st.

Check out a recent Hurricane Chris performance below:

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