Hurricane Chris Steers Clear Of Lil Wayne’s Path, “I See Me On A Whole ‘Nother Page”

Hurricane Chris Steers Clear Of Lil Wayne’s Path, “I See Me On A Whole ‘Nother Page”

With his second album, Unleashed, due to hit stores this summer SOHH sat down with Hurricane Chris for details on the disc and to see how he feels about accusations that he lifted Lil’ Wayne’s style in recent recordings.

Hurricane told SOHH that he doesn’t understand the comparison.

“It’s crazy. I see me on a whole nother page. I see me as me. I guess that’s how somebody else may feel. I can’t tell you how to feel. Ima let you make your own opinion and keep it real with yourself.” (SOHH)

A recent radio freestyle instantly drew internet comparisons to Lil’ Wayne.

Fresh from Shade 45, The Ratchet goes in with a 1,000 bars over Red Cafe and David Banner beats. Sounds like you-know-who to me. Just think, a whole new generation of young MC’s inspired by Lil Wayne. Guess Weezy doesn’t have to impregnate every girl in the world to have a village of kids. The future’s bleek/bleak like Memphis. Ha! (Rap Radar)

Hurricane Chris is currently preparing for the release of his sophomore album, Unleashed.

Unleashed you know the new album. I’m all the way out the box off the chain. I aint held back by nothing. This album just full of me just giving you what i want to give you. I’m A&Ring my own self. I’m executive producing my own self. I got Busta Rhymes. I got Beenie Man. We got Boosie from Lousiana, Bobby Valentino.” (SOHH)

Hurricane Chris is best known for his platinum selling first single, “Ay Bay Bay.”

The 51/50 Ratchet debut single that has brought the 18-year-old to the rap foreground. Chris is hoping his new single, “The Hand Clap,” can match the success of “A Bay Bay,” which reached #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100. (MTV)

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