Hurricane Chris Reflects On Lil Boosie’s 4 Year Prison Stint, “I Call Everyday”

Hurricane Chris Reflects On Lil Boosie’s 4 Year Prison Stint, “I Call Everyday”

In light of his close associate Lil Boosie being placed behind bars, Hurricane Chris recently hit up SOHH to discuss how he has been handling the situation.

For the fellow Louisiana rapper, Chris said he has made a vow to hold down their hometown until Boosie’s return after a four-year prison bid.

“I just did a mixtape with Boosie, [it’s called] Bad Azz Hurricane. I’m about to put that into the streets.I wanna get that out circulating while my dog is behind bars, free Boosie. Yeah, you know that’s my family,” Hurricane said about Boosie. “I call everyday to make sure everybody be good you know so when he comes home everything will be love. Everything will be there for my dog to get on the streets, 51/50, it’s a Louisiana thing right here. We family, we eat together, we get it on, we get it on!” (SOHH)

Last month, Boosie spoke out against having to do a stint rather than going to rehab for a drug conviction.

“They’re treating me on who they think I am,” Boosie said in an interview. “They judging me on Boosie Bad Azz, not Torrence Hatch…If I made a mistake with marijuana, why am I not eligible for rehab? I’ve been on marijuana since a teenager. I need some rehab. Jail is not rehab.” (WAFB News)

Boosie also released a statement on his sentence in early November.

“I made some very foolish choices, but I was doing the best I could to provide for my family before I went away to jail,” he explained regarding why he violated his parole. “Clearly I exercised terrible judgment and I hope to get the opportunity to prove that I can make great decisions for my family and the community in the future.” (iHipHop)

The rapper was handed his sentence in Louisiana.

District Court Judge Chip Moore revoked Hatch’s probation, sending him straight to jail. Hatch was on house arrest with an ankle monitor. The monitor indicated that on more than one occasion, Hatch had violated the terms of his release. Judge Moore doubled Hatch’s original sentence and ordered him to spend four years in prison. (Reuters)

Check out Lil Scrappy speaking with SOHH about Lil Boosie’s jail time below:

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