Hot Boys’ Turk Ready For Lil Wayne ‘Carter V’ Face-Off: “It’s A Good Thing For Us To Drop The Same Day”

Hot Boys’ Turk Ready For Lil Wayne ‘Carter V’ Face-Off: “It’s A Good Thing For Us To Drop The Same Day”

[Former Cash Money Records member Turk has hit up SOHH readers to speak out on his highly-anticipated Mission Possible comeback album gearing up for a face-off against longtime pal Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V.]

I was promoting my album and you know the fans, they be on the social networks.

Somebody had tweeted and said, “You and Lil Wayne are dropping on the same day.” I was like, “Cool.” I think it’s a good thing for hip-hop and all of the Hot Boys for us to drop the same day.

We need to put it up on “106 & Park” and see how the albums compete.

I just feel like my album, Mission Possible, is strictly about my life and everything that I’ve been through. I just believe a lot of people are going to be able to relate and understand not just Hot Boy Turk but who Turk is. It’s me. I’m giving them me.

I’m talking about the drugs, the incarceration, my last past record label relationships and how things were. I’m not dissing anybody. I’m telling my story. My story’s being told. It’s going to be my first time telling this in a decade. It’s about to be real epic.

I got features, I’ve been reaching out to people and it’s going to be real big. I reached out to 2 Chainz and YG. There’s a few people I’m waiting for them to send me songs back but we’re going to turn up. Cinco De Mayo.

If it’s up to me, that’s the day it’s going to drop. It’s a celebration for the fans and it’s a celebration for my people. It’s a celebration for me. It’s me and Wayne. We’re brothers and dropping on the same day. Shout-out to YMCMB and YNT.

This project is going through Rap-A-Lot/Sony. We got the partnership deal. J Prince told me he wanted an album and I went and did my album and got it to him.

Y’all just stay tuned and watch what happens.

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