Hot 97’s Ebro Addresses Mister Cee Critics: “Shut The F*ck Up, Who Are You? What Do You Do? Stop” [Video]

Hot 97’s Ebro Addresses Mister Cee Critics: “Shut The F*ck Up, Who Are You? What Do You Do? Stop” [Video]

New York’s Hot 97 program director Ebro has stepped forward to speak on the recent Mister Cee controversy and why hip-hop should love him no matter what his sexual preference is.

In Ebro’s opinion, people do not have valid enough reasons for judging Cee’s sexual orientation.

“People don’t give a f*ck, man,” Ebro said about Cee receiving love from within the hip-hop community. “People, honestly, don’t give a f*ck and people that do, then it’s like, ‘What’s up with you man that that’s like your big thing?’ Some people’s premise for what people do in the bedroom is religious. Some people’s premise for giving a f*ck on what’s going on in the bedroom, they claim it to be some sort of mark on society and they’re doing it for, shut the f*ck up, man. Who are you? What do you do? Stop. I think people are smart, ultimately, I think people do dumb sh*t but I think people are smart.” (“The Truth with Elliott Wilson”)

Last week, Cee teamed with AIDS Healthcare Foundation to speak out on sexual awareness.

On the heels of a public declaration that rocked the hip hop community last week, veteran DJ Mr. Cee – a staple hip hop radio personality for over 20 years who has impacted the careers of such hip hop legends at Notorious B.I.G. and NAS – partnered with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) for a PSA on fighting the long-standing stigma of alternative sexual preferences in the hip hop world and speaking openly about sexual health. “With the grace of family and good friends around me, they made me feel comfortable to exercise my human right for sexual freedom instead of finding myself being self-detained by the discrimination, judgment, criticism, and even violence from my own community,” Mr. Cee, born Calvin LeBrun, said in the video. (4-Traders)

The Hot 97 radio host recently vowed to put an end to his criminal activity with prostitutes.

“To avoid these situations popping up, that’s not what I feel that I need therapy for. I feel that I need therapy to come to the realization of who I am as a person. Will I ever engage in sexual activity with a man ever again? I can’t really say if I would or if I wouldn’t. Have I been involved within recent months? I have not. I’m still dealing, and I’m still finding my way through whole thing. One thing that I can almost guarantee is that I’m not going to be arrested for prostitution again. That’s not going to happen again. That’s a distant memory. It has been for a minute, but with the video coming out, which is an old video, I’ve tried to move forward from that, but it’s almost like the Anthony Wiener situation: It comes up to an old text or here comes a video that you didn’t know somebody was filming you.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, the New York deejay acknowledged footage surfacing online of him with a cross-dresser and claimed that’s what it took to speak out.

“I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I’m not,” Cee said in an interview with the Hot 97 morning show. “I’m tired. I’m tired. Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car with a transsexual? Yes. I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this. I have been in denial for this for a very, very long time. A very long time. Now, the funny part of it, and I know I’m going to get hit with social media when I say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Do I consider myself gay? No. I don’t consider myself gay. I do, I have gotten fellatio from transvestites and that’s as far as it went. I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man and vice versa. That has never been done to me. I have had fellatio with a transsexual person. The person who I was in the car with, I knew exactly who that person is. That’s neither here or there.” (Hot 97)

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Check out Ebro’s interview:

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