Hopsin Skates All Over Lil Wayne: “He’s F**king Wack” [Video]

Hopsin Skates All Over Lil Wayne: “He’s F**king Wack” [Video]

West Coast rapper Hopsin has fired a few shots out at Young Money’s Lil Wayne and taunted his skills as a skateboarder hip-hop artist.

Asked what fellow skateboard-rappers have caught his attention, Hopsin initially singled out Weezy F. Baby and proceeded to poke fun at him.

“My favorite one, my favorite skater rapper of all time right now who’s like, really killing it, is my n*gga Lil Wayne, you know what I’m saying? He be shredding. Psych! Nah. He’s f*cking wack. Yelawolf. Yelawolf is a skater rapper. He’s super dope. That’s probably the only one that I’ll co-sign.” (“Nardwuar”)

Back in 2011, Shady Records’ Yelawolf spoke to SOHH about his love for skateboarding.

“I don’t have a backup plan, dog,” Yela told SOHH when asked what other careers he previously contemplated before his career took off. “F*ck a backup plan. There is no Plan B. Plan A works. That’s all there is to that. My 0-60 EP release is the beginning to a long, successful and healthy career. And that’s all there is to it. I didn’t come this far to f*cking lay bricks, man. I had dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder. I’ve always been a skateboarder and I’ll be a skateboarder, but music took the forefront. I’m an extremist. When I want to do something, I just don’t stop. That’s why I’m here. that’s why Trunk Muzik is what it is and that’s why we have a situation over at Interscope. It’s my perseverance, relentless and being a f*cking rebel. That’s what I’m here for.” (SOHH)

Recently, Wayne displayed his love for skateboarding company Baker with a new tattoo.

You know what they say: “New year, new face tattoo.” At least that’s what Lil Wayne says. The rapper-turned-skateboarder decided to pay homage to skateboard company Baker the best way he knows how–by tattooing the word “baked” on his forehead. Weezy, who already has stars, a lightning bolt and teardrops (among other things) tattooed on his noggin, chose the area above his right eye for his new ink because… that’s the only place he has left? (FUSE TV)

Last fall, Wayne revealed what group of skater haters dedicate themselves to trashing him.

“There is this skater crew called- I don’t know why I’m giving them love, but it’s called the ‘FWC.’ It’s called the ‘F–k Weezy Campaign’ and it’s a whole bunch of skaters that’s just like, ‘we don’t like the fact that Wayne skates period.’ Like ‘stick to doing what you do, don’t join our world, we don’t want you here,’ that type of thing.” (RapFix)

Check out Hopsin’s interview:

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