Hollywood & Hip-Hop On VP Debate: “Romney & Ryan Have Declared War Against Women!”

Hollywood & Hip-Hop On VP Debate: “Romney & Ryan Have Declared War Against Women!”

Hollywood and hip-hop’s finest have all let their voices be heard after last night’s televised debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Party vice president nominee Paul Ryan.

Chicago rapper Rhymefest gave his take on how Biden held up aginast Ryan Thursday evening.

“Why does Joe Biden have on a light up Tie lol I love my drunk uncle Biden,” Fest tweeted.

“Rap battle analysis Biden is mixin off the top freestyles with his written Ryan got descent skills his lines ain’t hot enough”

“Biden has a over the top personality in his battle style and broke Ryan whole style down appealed to the crowd and won”

“Let me know your analysis of this debate as if it was a rap battle”

“Biden is the battle rap Beast of the debate Ryan wasn’t bad, he just ain’t a heavy hitter” (Rhymefest’s Twitter)

Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons took direct aim at what Ryan and Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney represent.

“Romney & Ryan will end end basic guarantees of Medicare & Medicaid for low income females. This is how we STOP them… http://bit.ly/RepuTy,” Russ tweeted.

“Romney & Ryan will try to overturn the Paycheck Fairness Act and Violence Against Women Act…. http://bit.ly/RepuTy PLEASE RETWEET”

“Romney & Ryan have declared a WAR against women! This is how we STOP them… http://bit.ly/RepuTy PLEASE RETWEET” (Russell Simmons’ Twitter)

Hollywood actress Reagan Gomez took note of the candidates’ on-stage composures.

“#PaulRyan was the immature son. #JoeBiden was the father, schooling his son who doesn’t know sh*t. #VPdebates,” she tweeted.

“Yes, #JoeBiden gave us the #B*tchPlease laugh. And we love him for it!!! #VPdebates” (Reagan Gomez’s Twitter)

Despite the sparring, some political journalists suggests both Biden and Ryan ended on equal ground.

Biden, the aggressor … His performance was therapeutic for base Democrats, but Ryan held his own. … It was Scranton Joe vs. Think Tank Ryan, heart vs. head … Both Biden and Ryan accomplished their goals … But Biden struggled on Libya … Ryan struggled on stimulus, abortion … The ball moves to Obama. His challenge – searching for Goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold. … Biden-Ryan didn’t come to blows but Berman-Sherman almost did …and things get nasty in Arizona. (NBC News)

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