Hit-Boy Says Don’t Expect Another ‘N*ggas In Paris’ Anytime Soon: “People Lost Their F*ckin’ Minds”

Hit-Boy Says Don’t Expect Another ‘N*ggas In Paris’ Anytime Soon: “People Lost Their F*ckin’ Minds”

Former G.O.O.D Music producer Hit-Boy recently discussed his admiration for Jay Z and Kanye West and why fans should not hold their breath for a follow-up to 2011’s hard-hitting “N*ggas In Paris” Watch the Throne anthem.

When asked how often he’s asked to make a similar sounding “Paris” beat, Hit admitted the question pops up more than occasionally.

“Man, every single session, basically [laughs]. It’s to be expected because there’s a whole energy to it, like just the song and just the beat,” HB said, referring to the track. “There’s a whole movement behind it. People lost their f*ckin’ minds when they hear that song, so people want to recapture that feeling. I’m able to do that. So I’m working with a lot of different people now, and I’m able to do what I really wanna do. Every time I do that, I win. I progress. The stuff I’m working on now I’m super excited about because I feel like I had a real hand in it. I feel like it’s gonna be my best stuff yet.” (Life + Times)

The hitmaker also talked about how much Jay has rocked with him since working on 2011’s Watch the Throne album.

“Kanye. Well first I met Kanye through Pharrell back in 2007,” Boy said when asked how he met Jay Z. “Then I was re-introduced to him by [Kanye’s] cousin Ricky Anderson back in 2010 when I did “Christmas In Harlem.” So yeah, I met Jay through Ye [laughs]. Yeah and Magna Carta. Yeah man, like Hov just always f*cked with my energy and f*cked with me since the minute we met, and it’s been good.” (Life + Times)

Coincidentally, Kanye briefly touched on if he is going to hook up with Jay for their rumored Watch the Throne 2 project.

“It could be a possibility. It’s not my focus in all honesty. Music is not my focus,” Kanye admitted. “I’ll make music. I’m not going to stop producing, need to do more… I’m focused on getting this backing [for DONDA]. I care about this far more than making a Watch the Throne 2.” (97.1 Amp Radio)

Discussing the platinum-selling Watch the Throne album over the summer, Jay said respect and admiration for Kanye has helped their in-studio chemistry.

“It actually was really easy because of the relationship. It’s always been a big brother thing and a respect thing. It’s always a good experience but he’s gonna challenge everything because he’s really trying to test it and poke holes to make sure that it stands up to the test, which is good. I admire that. It kind of works for me.” (BBC Radio 1)

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