Hit-Boy Dishes On Interscope Learning Experience, Reacts To Dre/Jimmy’s Apple Mega Deal

Hit-Boy Dishes On Interscope Learning Experience, Reacts To Dre/Jimmy’s Apple Mega Deal

With his new We The Plug compilation album in stores, music producer Hit-Boy gives SOHH the inside scoop on his Hits Since ’87 label and making Interscope Records his home.

According to Hit-Boy, he has learned and extended his HS87 company through Interscope.

“I got myself a deal with Jimmy Iovine about two years ago,” HB told SOHH. “He gave me a label deal up there and that’s when I signed Audio Push and K. Roosevelt. I’ve just been building and developing with my team for these past couple of years. We The Plug is really the first showcasing that we have to offer. So I’ve been with Interscope for two years now. It’s been 100 percent a learning experience at Interscope Records. Just having to balance that and having artists signed to me, trying to grow as an artist and trying to still stay relevant as a producer, that’s not an easy task. I’ve been trying to work as much as possible to keep this thing a reality. It’s coming together.” (SOHH)

The big producer also shared a few thoughts on Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre landing a $3 billion Apple deal for their Beats Electronics.

“The Apple deal is amazing. That’s amazing, man. That’s amazing that they’re trying to better themselves and learn about technology and provide more for the youth and for the world. That’s what I’m into. So it’s all love, you know?” (SOHH)

Hit-Boy’s new We The Plug compilation project dropped last week.

Hit Boy and his Hit’s Since 87 empire (HS87) has officially dropped their We The Plug compilation album today. Snippets of the album were released to fans a few days prior for a quick preview of what to be expected on the album, and now with the official drop, the crew can explain exactly why they’ve given themselves the title as the “plug to good quality music.” (VIBE)

Recently, J. Cole protégé Bas spoke to SOHH about his experience at Interscope Records.

“It’s been really good. You would think joining Interscope you’re about to go to this big, corporate entity. When I got to the building, I got to meet everybody and they’ve all really been working with us to keep Dreamville really organic,” Bas told SOHH. “It’s just really dope to have them be so understanding and to make my new Last Winter a commercial release. This was a project that I had. I was ready to release this going into the deal and it was just going to be another free release to put out but they were like, “Let’s give this a proper release.”” (SOHH)

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