“He’s One Of The Only Real Hip-Hop Artists That Understands Longevity”

“He’s One Of The Only Real Hip-Hop Artists That Understands Longevity”

After West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg declared himself more influential than President Barack Obama on Twitter this week, SOHH hit up his United Kingdom tour opening act group, The Airplane Boys, for their reaction.

In group member Beck Motley‘s eyes, Snoop’s impact as a rap veteran has earned him the right to be viewed as influential.

“We were with him when that happened,” Beck told SOHH referring to Snoop’s remarks. “Snoop paved the way for a lot of the young artists today. Snoop’s an O.G., so if you want to talk about hip-hop, he’s [to be considered as] an O.G. When he says anything in a sentence, you gotta appreciate it, man. Respect that. Not even joking, but that’s like a smile of joy. You’re on the right path of Snoop is acknowledging you [on Twitter]. He’s a busy guy with a lot to do and anything he says [is important].” (SOHH)

Airplane Boys’ Bon Voyage also feels Snoop’s two decades spanning music industry background makes him a force to be reckoned with.

“He’s one of the only real hip-hop artists that understands longevity and he clearly can prove it,” Bon added. “To have him as a role model and set an example, is even more influential too. That’s what we’re in this for. We’re in this to grow and be here for the long haul. He’s given us advice in regard to that and we’re definitely happy.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Snoop proclamed himself one of the most influential Twitter users.

Snoop Dogg has confessed he’s a fan of Twitter because he has more clout than US President Barack Obama on the social networking service. The US music star is a prolific tweeter, and explained: “I’m more influential than the president on there. That’s appealing.” But Snoop doesn’t want to be seen as a “role model”: “I don’t see myself as anything. I see myself as Snoop Dogg. I can’t control what the fans perceive me as or who the fans want me to be. I can only do me and it’s been working up until now.” (The Press Association)

The Airplane Boys are most known for their Toronto, Canada roots.

The Airplane Boys (Beck Motley & Bon Voyage) are an evolutionary breed of sound that pushes the barriers of modern music. Having mastered their craft with a better grasp of mainstream music, The Airplane Boys have begun to make their move into the pop music industry. Their digital sound constantly evolves; built on captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics. (Airplane Boys’ Facebook Page)

Check out The Airplane Boys on their Snoop Dogg tour below:

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