“He’s One Of The Greatest [Rappers] To Ever Do It” [Video]

“He’s One Of The Greatest [Rappers] To Ever Do It” [Video]

Rap newcomer Jay Electronica recently offered his thoughts on Nas‘ career and how the hip-hop veteran is hands down one of the greatest to touch a microphone.

In Jay’s eyes, the only question fans should ask themselves is if Nas is the G.O.A.T.

“Working with Nas is good; it’s an honor and a privilege,” Jay Electronica said in an interview. “Because he someone you look up to coming up. When you look at Nas, it’s not even an argument–he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. The only argument is if he is the greatest, so it’s exciting. As a swordsman, it’s always exciting meeting another swordsman. How does he swing his?” (“The Come Up Show”)

In fall 2010, Nas shared his insight on the never-ending “Greatest Of All Time” debate.

“Somebody asked me who’s the greatest emcee of all-time,” Nas said in an interview. “It’s too premature. It doesn’t make any sense. Like, when you ask most singers who do they like, who they are inspired by, they might not say Usher, they might not say Trey Songz, they might not say Justin Timberlake. They might say Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder because they had an opportunity to look at these guys’ whole body of work.. And even if I may say LL Cool J as the greatest of all-time, no doubt he’s the greatest, at his moment, but when you put that title on yourself it’s almost like burying yourself. No diss to Cool J, he’s the king, I’m just saying when you put that title on yourself, you’re saying it’s over. So, it’s kind of early to tell. Our kids will have to say who was the greatest. Right now, you can say who’s hot this year. Definitely. There are some greatest of this year but who’s the greatest? Hip-Hop has never lived this long. This is the longest its ever lived. It’s too early for me to even think of legacy. It’s probably at its premature stages, still….” (Next 48 Hours)

Last May, Nas explained why the “G.O.A.T.” title should be preserved.

“There is no best or greatest MC. Should never happen, doesn’t make sense,” he said in a blog post. “It makes sense temporarily when you’re striving to be number one. It makes sense for [the fans] to see that, but you have a long run to be the greatest. To me, people already felt like they were [the greatest] in more ways than they should have and I think that hurt them. There is no greatest of all time. We won’t know that until we’re 60 years old. I think there will be like four to five great ones at the end of the day, but there will be none that’s greater than the other. Impossible…[Jay-Z] is the one that smacks everybody in the face that’s out there and wanted to say what he wasn’t and what he couldn’t do. The challenge is that people always count you out and even when you have a hit record and put out a hit album, you’re gonna have people dissing you. I think he’s showing you: I won’t be stopped ever. And that’s motivation for everyone else.” (VIBE)

Nas previously named Jay Elect as one of the latest emcees on his radar.

“Ah man, it’s love man,” Nas said about rappers co-signing him as a main influence in their music. “It never ceases to amaze me, I’m just happy that I’m here and I’m happy that all the other dudes are out there. I’m inspired by all the guys you’re probably talking about. I’m inspired by them too…It’s all good, there’s all kinds of things going on now, it’s always shifting. One area of the world will dominate rap music and then Mid-West and The South and The West, it just rotates and everybody gets their say. [For new artists?] Jay Electronica, I’m really, I’m digging him right now.” (Young Hollywood)

Check out Jay Electronica speaking on Nas below:

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