“He’s In The Studio But I Also Know Family Is Very Important To DMX”

“He’s In The Studio But I Also Know Family Is Very Important To DMX”

Weeks after reports emerged online claiming DMX and estranged wife Tashera Simmons were hooking back up to give marriage a second shot through television network VH1, the rapper’s publicist Domenick Nati tells SOHH “Celebrity Therapy” is a go.

Speaking via statement, Nati explained X’s determination to balance family and music.

“Things have been going good for Earl in these last five months,” Nati told SOHH referring to X’s government name. “He’s in the studio, touring around the country, and making TV appearances, but I also know that family is very important to DMX. Earl and Tashera are mature adults and they’ll know what’s best for their relationship.” (SOHH)

Nati also released an official press release to media outlets with details of their upcoming VH1 “Couples Therapy” reality show.

On December 8, 2011 the couple began filming a new reality show entitled Couples Therapy that will air on VH1. The program consists of twenty-one days of extensive relationship therapy, both as an individual couple and also as a group. The group therapy will be with other celebrities such as Linda Hogan, Angelina (“Jersey Shore”), and Vienna and Kasey (“The Bachelor”). “Therapy is always a good thing,” says Domenick Nati, DMX’s publicist. “Tashera has been there from the beginning and I know that she means a lot to Earl.” (Press Release)

Last month, reports of the estranged couple’s decision to hook back up hit the Internet.

The troubled rapper and his estranged wife Tashera Simmons have agreed to appear on the upcoming reality show in the hopes of getting their failed marriage back on track, a source close to production tells us. The Simmons separated in July 2010 after 20 years and four kids together … yet they are still best friends, insists the source – and that’s why they want to give it another shot. We’re told DMX feels Tashera is “one of the only people [he] truly ever loved and has been down with him through thick and thin.” The thin? DMX cheated on his wife left and right – and even fathered six children during his extra-marital conquests. “Relationship Rehab,” a spin-off of “Celebrity Rehab,” is scheduled to begin taping in December. (TMZ)

In summer 2010, X confirmed speculation about separating from his wife.

“I’m good, life is good, God is great man,” X said in an interview over the weekend with rap personality Super Snake. “And it’s gonna get better. With this last one, I had been sitting for 90 days, since like January or February and this whole time, by the grace of God, I was given the opportunity to pick the time. I thought ‘Let me knock it out’ because I got a lot of work to do in L.A. and I don’t want to get snagged, get it over with. It was only 90 days anyway. BFW, baby. Built For War…[Me and my son’s] relationship is not the best right now but it’s gonna get better. All he’s known his whole life is me being there and now me and his mother are separated, we’re not together anymore and it’s been like five, six years but that’s my first born. That’s my baby.” (101.5 Jamz)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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