“He’s A Busy Dude & Tours Like F*cking Lady Gaga”

“He’s A Busy Dude & Tours Like F*cking Lady Gaga”

After the legendary DJ Kid Capri recently named West Coast rap veteran Ras Kass SOHH Underrated, SOHH reached out to the Los Angeles emcee to get his reaction to the accolade.

Admitting he reached out to Capri following the co-sign, Ras Kass said fans can expect to hear future collaborations between him and the New York deejay veteran.

“I saw it, I read it and I hit him up a couple of days ago, actually,” Ras told SOHH referring to Kid Capri naming him SOHH Underrated. “That’s my big brother, man. I didn’t even have a record deal [when I first met him]. Just imagine a kid from Los Angeles who is accepted and respected by the greatest. He flew me out to New York and I was in the Bronx with him playing records and he’s trying to convince me I’m from the Bronx and I’m like, ‘Nah man, I’m from Los Angeles.’ [laughs] That’s my big brother and I love him to death. Anytime he needs anything from me or wants anything from me, I’m going to come bother him. He’s got crazy beats on the low. People don’t really know Kid is a producer, so, I have some plans to go and get lots of records with [him]. He’s a busy dude and tours like f*cking Lady Gaga. [laughs] Once he frees up, I’m going to go over there. If we can get three bangers, he can keep two, I just want one from Kid Capri. I love him.” (SOHH)

Around mid-November, Capri reflected on his past in-studio sessions with Ras Kass.

“Ras Kass from the West Coast is the most underrated rapper to me. Ras has been doing his thing for a long time and I still remember getting up with him in the past. I remember us doing the “One On One” record. I remember meeting Ras Kass in New York and he came to meet up with me. He came to the studio. As a matter of fact, he came through to do two records but we just didn’t have enough time. The first record we didn’t have enough time to do but the other one we were able to put out.” (SOHH Underrated)

Capri also cited the rap vet’s witty lyrical ability going over the average listeners’ heads.

“I think the thing about Ras Kass is he goes a little bit over people’s heads. He’s so clever and intricate that it shows up in his rhymes. People don’t always get it and so you have to really dumb it down for people sometimes.” (SOHH Underrated)

Outside of co-signs, Ras Kass recently put out his new “Holes In The Ozone” record.

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the effects of human carelessness on the world around us–whether you’re talking about the “Holes in the Ozone” caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, or the pollution of our aural environment with wack tunes. Unwilling to sit back and watch as everything goes to sh*t, Ras Kass raises consciousness regarding the former issue while doing his part to combat the latter on single numero uno off his forthcoming full-length. “Holes” is just one of many quality cuts set for inclusion on Ras Kass’ FILA (F*ck It Loseit All) LP, which is set for a December release. (DJ Booth)

Check out “Holes In The Ozone” below:

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