Heavy D’s Cause Of Death Finally Revealed

After weeks of speculation, late rap mogul Heavy D‘s cause of death has finally been revealed as to have been the result of a blood clot.

Details on Heavy D’s passing hit the Internet Tuesday (December 27).

An autopsy performed on rapper Heavy D, who collapsed and died suddenly on Nov. 8, found that the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism, according to the report released Tuesday. The coroner’s office found that Dwight Arrington Myers, better known as Heavy D, died of a blood clot in his lung. He also suffered from deep leg vein thrombosis and heart disease. The blood clot was “most likely formed during an extended airplane ride,” said Craig Harvey, chief of the Los Angeles County department of coroner. The rapper had recently returned from a trip to London. (Los Angeles Times)

Around mid-November, initial autopsy results were inconclusive.

Results of a post-mortem into the death of rapper Heavy D have been inconclusive in determining why he died last week. The Los Angeles coroner’s office has deferred judgment on how the rapper died suddenly at the age of 44. Last week, a coroner’s spokesman said there were no illegal drugs found in his Beverly Hills home. Toxicology results have not yet been released. Heavy D’s funeral takes place near New York on Friday. Heavy D died on 8 November after being found unconscious at his Los Angeles home. (BBC)

Last month, Heavy D’s brother, Floyd Myers, said the “Overweight Lover” was in good condition prior to his passing.

“Heavy was in great shape,” Floyd Myers, the fallen rapper’s brother and business partner, told MTV News. “You guys seen him at the BET Awards, and he just did the tribute to Michael Jackson; they flew him out to London to do that. Heav was in good shape, healthy, no heart problems. He constantly made sure that his health was in check…He loved family, and that’s who he was, but it wasn’t too much different from how he treated his friends and his fans. He showed everybody love and affection, and we’re gonna miss that.” (MTV)

Rap moguls Jay-Z, Diddy and Russell Simmons appeared at Heavy’s funeral last month.

Diddy, Russell Simmons, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were among the celebrity mourners who gathered in the rapper’s hometown of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. today, to bid goodbye to Big Daddy and celebrate his extraordinary life, which was unexpectedly cut short last week at the age of 44. “[Heavy] was the first person to believe in me,” said Diddy, otherwise known as Sean Combs, from the altar about their long friendship which began after the ’90s hitmaker gave him his first break with an internship at Uptown Records. Other notable guests in the the overflowing Grace Baptish Church included Rosie Perez, John Legend and Johnny Gill. “Just want to say to Heavy: job well done,” said Gill during a tearful turn at the podium, before breaking into a heartwrenching performance of the gospel song “Never Would Have Made It.” (E! Online)

Check out DMX reflecting on Heavy D below:

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