“He Was The Guy Everybody Saw As The Next Dude To Pop Out Of Alabama”

“He Was The Guy Everybody Saw As The Next Dude To Pop Out Of Alabama”

[After the shocking murder of Hustle Gang’s Doe B last month, Alabama radio personality DJ Dirty Dan reflects on his state’s fallen protégé and how much the 22-year-old represented.]

I went to the funeral because what Doe B meant to Alabama hip-hop, today? He was the face of it.

He was the guy that everybody saw as the next dude to pop out of Alabama. When he was killed, it kind of got everybody confused like “D*mn.” Some people didn’t really know his situation like if he was with Grand Hustle or Interscope but they just knew he was the new face and the kid that everybody was looking for to break that barrier.

For Doe B to die or be killed at a time where I feel the state of Alabama hip-hop is as big as its ever been, it’s kind of like cutting the head off a moving body. I don’t really want to use that analogy but that’s how it feels. I can see artists, and just by looking at their faces knowing Doe B was killed, they know we’re starting from scratch.

There’s a lot of guys who have received exposure like Rich Boy and Yelawolf but Doe B was that new kid. He was up-and-coming and had one of the best movements in Hustle Gang and his own label.

His managers really made a big investment in making Doe B come to life and go onto a national scale. For all of that to just go away, everyone is feeling some type of way.

I see a lot of guys trying to grind hard but I also see a lot of people asking, “How do you let this happen when you have a guy on a national stage that’s killed in his hometown in the club?”

It was just something about hate within black men altogether in the communities. It’s just sad for Alabama hip-hop right now.

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