“He Speaks His Mind & Doesn’t Give A F*ck What Anybody Says”

“He Speaks His Mind & Doesn’t Give A F*ck What Anybody Says”

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name their Top 5 rappers of all-time. To make things tricky, we’ve created a “Hall of Fame” of emcees (see right) who are universally respected and therefore may not be mentioned. After Legacy unvelied his fave five, New Boyz’s Ben J dishes out his top picks.]

  • wiz-khalifa.jpgWiz Khalifa. My first favorite rapper is Wiz Khalifa. He’s killing the game. I look up to him a lot. He’s real big. He’s just like me in a lot of ways with the way he came up, his hustle game and everything.

  • p-kanye-west.jpgKanye West. My second favorite rapper is Kanye West. He kills and kills and kills it. He raps, he does his own beats, he speaks his mind and doesn’t give a f*ck what anybody says. He just keeps making good music.

  • p-lil-wayne.jpgLil Wayne. My third favorite rapper is Lil Wayne. He’s one of my favorite rappers and it’s more than just hype. I don’t even have nothing else to say. As a matter of fact, I’m going to say he’s my favorite rapper.

  • p-big-sean.jpgBig Sean. My fourth favorite rapper is Big Sean. Shout-out to Big Sean. He’s killing the game and his lyrics are always really good. He’s always coming out with some punchlines and good lines in his music. It’s non-stop. Big Sean kills it.

  • kendrick-lamar.jpgKendrick Lamar. I’m gonna give the last spot to Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick is so lyrical. He just talks about what’s going on. He’s not a gang banger, he doesn’t do drugs, none of that. He raps like he does it all. He raps like he’s been through it all. I’m from Compton too and to hear him talk about the streets and all of that negative stuff, what goes on in life, he puts it all in a story and keeps it 100 all day. That’s one of my favorite rappers too.

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