Havoc Parts Ways W/ Koch, “You Can’t Afford To Make The Same Mistake Twice”

Havoc Parts Ways W/ Koch, “You Can’t Afford To Make The Same Mistake Twice”

Mobb Deep‘s Havoc recently revealed his issues with E1 Music (Koch Records) and Nature Sounds and why he’s decided to part ways with the independent labels.

The rapper/producer broke down the difficulties he had working with both indie labels.

“One company is the same as the next basically you have to stay on top of them to make sure they do their thing,” Hav explained in an interview. “Right now I am loking for distribution for my own company somewhere I can call home to bring my artists to…those [Nature and Koch] deals are over with. It is time to move on. All of that was a learning process and you never make the same mistake twice.” (Hip Hop DX)

Hav previously spoke with SOHH about his standing with 50 Cent despite having indie deals and trying to produce beats for Fif’s Before I Self Destruct project.

“We’re allowed to go off and do our little solo things besides G-Unit so it’s a pretty good relationship,” Hav said. “I’m still working on [50’s album]. They real picky so you gotta hit him in the head with like a million tracks before you really get something because [as] you can understand they trying to put out the best album possible.” (SOHH)

Aside from 2007’s The Kush, Hav made his Koch debut with Hidden Files earlier this year.

Packed with 13 tracks, the upcoming disc is currently being led by the single “Street’s Ain’t Going Nowhere” and other tracks like “Shorten Ya Story” plus “The Illest.” Providing an entire disc filled with self-made beats along with contributions from The Alchemist, Hav tagged Prodigy, Rell and D-Block‘s Styles P for the new project. Hidden Files is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, January 27. (Press Release)

Hav’s rhyming partner, incarcerated rapper Prodigy, recently filed a $30,000 lawsuit against Vox Music Group.

Prodigy holds the company responsible for plunging his family into foreclosure. He says the Vox Music Group agreed in August 2007 to pay him $10,300 a month but that it has missed three payments and failed to give him a semiannual royalty accounting statement. “These breaches…have put Prodigy’s family in financial peril,” say documents filed last Monday (March 23) in Manhattan Supreme Court. (New York Post)

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