Hang W/ Prez On 50 Cent’s Electrifying SXSW Takeover: “You Could See In His Eyes How Much He Loves Being On Stage”

Hang W/ Prez On 50 Cent’s Electrifying SXSW Takeover: “You Could See In His Eyes How Much He Loves Being On Stage”

After G-Unit head 50 Cent dominated his Hang w/ live stream performance this week at Austin, Texas’ South By Southwest, SOHH reached out to company president Dave Swartz for his take on the must-see set.

Blown away by Fif’s stage presence, the Hang w/ president gushed over Tuesday’s big night.

“50’s performance last night was incredible. You could see in his eyes how much he loves being on stage performing,” Swartz told SOHH. “The audience could feel it and the result was an electric show. The fans on Hang w/ could feel it too. 50 broadcast almost his entire performance live on his Hang w/ account and the chats flying in from around the globe were over the top in awe of 50 and his new music.” (SOHH)

Swartz also boasted about the growing popularity of his mobile streaming application.

“In the words of one Hang w/ user in the live chat, “Hang w/ is front row at the biggest show!” It’s absolutely where we see this technology going, and last night was a big step into the future.” (SOHH)

During the set, 50 performed some new music from his upcoming Animal Ambition album.

50 Cent kicks off the promotion behind his upcoming fifth solo album, “Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win,” by partnering up with the Hang With Inc. for a livestream performance at SXSW. He’s also come on board as an investor of the mobile app. Mid-set, 50 performed a new “Animal Ambition” song, “Hold On,” for the first time and seven days before its official release (March 18). The song features 50 rapping about those “with too much pride.” (Billboard)

Last fall, Hang w/ Swartz spoke to SOHH about the importance of Fif’s street presence being behind his company.

“In this business, street cred is very important. We’re launching a medium that we ultimately want to appeal to a younger demographic and if you don’t have street cred, then you’re not going to be successful. I think it is all a part of the business. I think the fact that 50 Cent is such a good businessman, he recognizes it as well. He’s willing to bring that to the platform and that means a lot.” (SOHH)

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