GZA Shows Off His True Genius, Slices Lyrical Craft At Harvard

GZA Shows Off His True Genius, Slices Lyrical Craft At Harvard

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA is reportedly going to drop knowledge on spectators next week with plans to hold a lecture at Harvard University, focusing on his music career and lyrical prowess.

According to reports, the Genius will make his way to Harvard late next week.

Wu-Tang Clan rapper GZA/The Genius is set to give a lecture about his music career and lyrical craft at Harvard’s Black Men’s Forum on December 1st. The lecture, which will be held at 4 p.m., will be followed by a Q&A with the legendary emcee and is open to the general public. While in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the GZA plans to visit the Broad Institute and the MIT Media Lab. According to a statement from the rapper, he intends to speak with scientists and thinkers there to seek inspiration for his next album, which is due out sometime next year on Babygrande Records. (Rolling Stone)

Not the only New York rapper to kick knowledge, Dipset’s Jim Jones taught an eight week music course last year.

“I think the business is pretty easy to learn especially the way the kids are so susceptible to music … they could learn a song in one day,” the rapper explained in an interview. “But, one of my angles I am coming with is building a bridge between music and real education. It seems that they learn songs in a way that they should be learning their lessons, but they don’t…I think I am still a part of the next generation of executives. I’m not a full blown executive yet, but I hope that I can lead by example as far as my hustle and my work ethic. I’m trying to make the classroom into a makeshift label, where we deal with publishing, marketing, and promotion. We could have an artist, a manager run through it and see how that would work.” (Baller Status)

Last year, UGK’s Bun B got involved in a lecture course at Houston, Texas’ Rice University.

Here’s a good reason to enroll at Rice University: Bun B is co-teaching a course there next semester. The rapper confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that he will in fact be acting as a professor for a class at the Houston, Texas college. He wrote, “Co-teaching Hip Hop and Religious Studies at Rice University this spring! Undergrads enroll!” We’re thinking if there was ever a way to get kids stoked about learning, this is probably it. (MySpace Music)

In summer 2010, renowned hip-hop producer 9th Wonder spoke to SOHH about landing a teaching gig at North Carolina’s Duke University.

“The opportunity to teach at Duke really came about from doing a few functions over there in the past with people like Questlove. A professor caught wind of what I was doing and he approached me with the opportunity and I just went for it. The name of the course I taught was called ‘Hip-Hop Sampling Soul.’ Before Duke, I taught at North Carolina Central University and did a straight history hip-hop course. Difference is the course I taught at Duke was that we focused on different aspects of black music so that was the basic difference between the two schools. North Carolina Central University was a Historically Black Institution and Duke is an ACC school so that was really the only difference between teaching at both.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out some past GZA footage down below:

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