Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy On Nappy Boy Debut, “T-Pain Did A Bunch Of Stuff”

Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy On Nappy Boy Debut, “T-Pain Did A Bunch Of Stuff”

Gym Class Heroes‘ frontman Travis McCoy has updated fans on the status of his Nappy Boy Entertainment solo debut, The Lazarus Project, and explained the role that T-Pain had on the album.

According to McCoy, fans should rest assured he will not be using auto-tune on his LP.

“[Laugh] Nah, nah, what you hear on the record is all Travis, no Auto-Tune,” he promised in an interview. “T-Pain did a bunch of stuff; Cannon, who’s an up-and-coming producer–he’s amazing–and works under the Timbaland camp; Detail, who’s outrageous–I did a bunch of joints with him. I got Cee-Lo on the record for a song called ‘Dr. Feel Good,’ which might me the unofficial first single to get a buzz going for the record, so that might be one of the first songs your hear.” (XXL Mag)

Last fall, the singer explained why he wasn’t placing a large emphasis on snagging collaborations.

“I tried to keep the guest appearances at a bare minimum because this is my first effort away from Gym Class Heroes, so I didn’t want it to be super appearance-driven,” McCoy said in an interview. “It’s me showing another side of Travis. There’s a lot more singing and a lot more melody, but I think the guests that are on the record are there for a reason and are meant to be on the record. I feel like a lot of people in the hip-hop world don’t take me seriously as a rapper. And I feel that first-and-foremost I came up as a rapper before I started singing. All a lot of people know from me is ‘Cupid’s Chokehold,’ and they don’t scratch the surface and see beyond that dude who sings the song about his girlfriend. With this record, I feel like people are going to take me more seriously as a rapper and hopefully, as a singer as well.” (Billboard)

He has also been previewing new tracks from the project while touring.

“So for those of you that don’t know. I got a solo project coming out entitled The Lazarus Project. It’ll be out earlier [next year] and tonight we’re going to be playing selections from The Lazarus Project. Thanks again for coming out tonight. In case you didn’t know, this is our first time ever playing any of these songs so you motherf*ckers are getting the first glimpse into The Lazarus Project and I hope you enjoy yourselves.” (SOHH)

McCoy made headlines earlier this year after publicly being inducted into T-Pain’s camp.

In a recent performance documented by a Thr33 Ringz webisode video clip, the Auto-Tune king is shown on stage offering fans a first public announcement of the union. “Check this out, I wanna bring somebody back on-stage,” Pain tells the screaming crowd. “I’m gonna make this real quick — everybody get your phones out, you ready? Ladies and gentlemen, [McCoy] signs to Nappy Boy Entertainment.” (Thr33 Ringz)

No further details have been released as of now.

Check out some Travis McCoy performance footage down below:

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