Guru Reportedly In Stable Condition, Still Hospitalized In New York

Guru Reportedly In Stable Condition, Still Hospitalized In New York

Rapper Keith “Guru” Elam, is reportedly in stable condition at a New York area hospital.

Guru’s publicist released a statement about the rapper’s current condition.

After a week without updates, legendary emcee/producer Keith “Guru” Elam’s condition has been updated Monday morning. Guru’s publicist has reported that he is in stable condition, ending three weeks of coma-reports to press and fans. Moreover, the emcee has been diagnosed with Anoxia, effects from a lengthy history of asthma and lung problems. The term “anoxia” means “lower levels of oxygen than most.” Per medical reports online, that oxygen level not only effects breathing, but also the required levels for organ tissue. (Hip Hop DX)

Guru’s producer, Solar, recently addressed the allegations made from the rapper’s nephew claiming he prevented family members from visiting him.

“I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for The Elam family. But I have not stopped anybody from seeing him,” Solar said. “Guru’s brother, sister and niece has visited with him and his brother was here for three days. I am in touch with them on a daily basis. Guru’s family dynamic and who he wants to look out for his interests is Guru’s business and best left to Guru to discuss. I will state that Guru wanted this matter to be kept private to protect his loved ones and fans from this ordeal and from it becoming a circus, which it is becoming. Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable.” (All Hip Hop)

Earlier this month, Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff made various accusations during a self-recorded video.

According to Ruff, since Guru’s hospitalization Solar has withheld information regarding Guru’s health from his family, and has locked them out from giving any input on medical decisions related to Guru’s condition. Ruff accuses Solar of attempting to control the flow of information in order to serve his own interests at the expense of Guru’s family. The message is an emotional one, and Ruff levies some fairly serious charges Solar’s way; at the time of posting Solar had not yet responded to Ruff’s accusations. (Prefix Mag)

Ruff also claimed Guru has been hospitalized since early February.

“[Solar] has primary control over the decisions made for Guru’s health in the hospital. Now, last I checked, it was the family’s right to have a say on what goes on in the hospital when a family member falls ill”. He also claimed that Guru was admitted to hospital on 2 Feb “for reasons I will not disclose”, but the family were not notified until 16 Feb.. (CMU News-Blog)

Check out Guru’s nephew speaking on Solar down below:

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