Gunplay Re-Emerges For G-Unit Warning, “Don’t F*cking Play W/ Me” [Video]

Gunplay Re-Emerges For G-Unit Warning, “Don’t F*cking Play W/ Me” [Video]

Showing support for Rick Ross at an album signing, Triple C‘s Gunplay re-emerged sending a violent warning as reminder of his non-affiliation with G-Unit.

Rather than calling out only 50, Gunplay made his issues apply to the G-Unit camp.

“I’m just chilling at a Deeper Than Rap signing,” Gunplay said in a video. “Trying to work my industry thing right now but since everybody’s leaving, I’ma tell you how I really motherf*cking feel. F*ck all these motherf*cking f*cking G-Unit motherf*cking n*ggas. I find any one of them motherf*ckers and I”ll blow their motherf*cking brains out. I got a screw loose motherf*cker. N*gga for real, my screw loose. See that sh*t n*gga? Don’t f*cking play with me, I’ll blow your brains out all day, n*gga. What it do? Try it. You do it, doo doo. You doo doo, you! Sh*t face motherf*cker.” (Larry Dogg Movement)

Ross recently took a jab at Fif during his album release party earlier this week in Miami.

As tension with security and the fans calmed down, Ross brought up his own friction, his feud with 50 Cent. “Somebody better tell 50 Cent I’m the muthaf—in’ boss!” he yelled before transitioning into “The Boss.” “I’m the biggest boss you’ve seen thus far!” Ross and audience members yelled. (MTV)

Gunplay recently confirmed a clip 50 aired of him being knocked out on the street.

“These n*ggas don’t understand, boy,” Gunplay says in a video. “Real n*ggas go through real things dawg…You can’t get everything on camera, but they got that. You win some, you lose some, n*gga. It’s nothin’. You do it, you do it 50 and any blogger…You got your chain snatched on stage, man. Take a look. Don’t f*cking play with me.” (WSHH)

While not only taking heat from the G-Unit leader, members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have also taken aim at Ross and his crew.

“Boss,” Banks said in a video. “I ain’t got a piece of fake jewelery. Not even an earring, n*gga. I be coming through with Princess Diana jewelery on. Prince Charming. I dare a n*gga to try to get that. You, you get it. How that n*gga say it, that dutch that be with you? You do it, n*gga. You do it! F*ck outta here. N*gga talking about they don’t understand me. You don’t understand me, n*gga! B*tch a**. And y’all n*ggas is broke.” (This Is 50)

Check out Gunplay’s warning to G-Unit below:

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