Gunplay Lets Loose On Rick Ross’ Best House Arrest Advice

Gunplay Lets Loose On Rick Ross’ Best House Arrest Advice

Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay has discussed his recent time on house arrest and what is the best advice he received from longtime friend and label boss Rick Ross through the experience.

Although he has made publicized mistakes as of late, Gunplay relished the fact he puts his imperfections on full display.

What have you learned about the industry since being signed to a major label? The industry is so made-up and smoke-and-mirrors. You just have to be yourself and let them know that you’re not perfect. Because a lot of people aren’t perfect; nobody’s perfect. N*ggas fart and sh*t. [Laughs] I’m that voice–that’s me right there. I’ll let the perfect people do what they do. They’re good at it. They’re good at being perfect, they’re good at having their life look spotless to the media. I don’t have that luxury or luck. What’s the best advice Ross gave you while you were on house arrest? “Man–f*ck all these n*ggas, man. F*ck ‘em. Get your sh*t, man. F*ck everybody. Don’t love none of these n*ggas–do you with a cold heart.” That was his advice. (XXL Mag)

A few days ago, the Miami rapper spoke on breaking free from house arrest and how confident he is in winning his felony case.

On Thursday, a judge granted him reprieve from house arrest, he told Rolling Stone in an interview at his Hialeah, Florida, residence last night. The rapper, born Richard Morales, will now face trial on February 25th for the armed robbery charges, for which he faces a potential life sentence. Despite video evidence that appears to show him forcefully taking a gold chain and cell phone during a dispute with his former accountant, Gunplay says he fully expects to beat the case and is already plotting a tour in the spring. “Not guilty,” he told Rolling Stone. “The problem that we had was between me and him but that’s what happens sometimes. We’re just waiting for the last trial date so we can get [the case] kicked out.” (Rolling Stone)

He also talked about Def Jam having his back despite the bad press.

But with all of the rapper’s recent troubles and controversies – which also include a brawl at last September’s BET Hip-Hop Awards and a flap over a swastika tattoo on his back – does his label still have his back? “I’m pretty confident,” Gunplay says. “I just got off the phone with Def Jam today, letting them know the good news. Everybody’s attitude is ‘ready.'” (Rolling Stone)

Last fall, footage of Gunplay’s actual crime sprouted online.

Rapper Gunplay PULLED A FIREARM on his accountant during a meeting in April in an explosive fit of rage … and the entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras. Gunplay allegedly stole a cell phone and a gold chain during the incident … and was later charged with armed robbery. He turned himself in to Miami-Dade Police earlier this week. Gunplay — real name Richard Morales Jr. — also faces a second charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. According to the rapper’s attorney, Gunplay could face life in prison if convicted on both counts. (TMZ)

Check out a recent Gunplay interview:

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