Gucci Mane’s Last-Minute Bid For President? [Video]

Gucci Mane’s Last-Minute Bid For President? [Video]

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is the target of a new parody video which promotes him as a presidential candidate less than a week away from Election Day.

The spoof video has started circulating online as Americans inch closer to making their voices heard on Tuesday, November 6th.

With the presidential election only a few days away, it’s time to introduce a new candidate. Representing the Dopeboy party: Gucci Mane is now a running candidate in this year’s election. Gucci and the dealers of America vow to bring to reform to drug, gun and stripper laws. Running for vice president is Waka Flocka who aims to bring a new level of ratchet to the White House. Come Nov. 6, do the right thing, people. Brought to you be the good folks at LRG. (Miss Info TV)

Recently, a Chief Keef-inspired anti-Mitt Romney t-shirt hit the retail market.

If you like Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” and hate Mitt Romney, here’s something that’s likely relevant to your interests: From a group of creative designers based in Atlanta, it’s called the “That Mitt I Don’t Like” T-shirt. We can’t tell you if Chief Keef likes it, but life is full of little mysteries so get used to it. John Searles, Aaron Rhodan, and Julian Streete reportedly designed the shirt together, as the trio had been trying to come up with a collaborative project to work on together since 2009. (Complex)

Around mid-September, comedian Iman Crosson also drew inspiration from Chief Keef with his “I Don’t Like” spoof.

Well, someone has found a way to connect President Obama to Chicago’s emerging school of gangsta rap. Comedian Iman Crosson, who has gained fame for his Obama impression under the named “Alphacat,” recorded this video of Obama delivering his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech to the tune of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like.” “Romney’s campaign…that’s that stuff I don’t like/Lyin’ Republicans…that’s that stuff I don’t like/The Tea Party…that’s that stuff I don’t like/Mitt Romney’s face/That’s that..that’s that stuff I don’t like.” (NBC Chicago)

Next week, rap mogul Jay-Z is expected to help rally voters in Ohio.

Singer Bruce Springsteen will join the president on a three-stop swing through the Midwest on Monday, the Obama campaign announced Thursday. The pair will start the day in Madison, Wis., and then travel to Columbus, Ohio, where hip-hop artist Jay-Z also plans to address supporters. Then Obama will travel to Des Moines, Iowa, where he will be joined by first lady Michelle Obama and where Springsteen is slated to perform a final time. (The Hill)

Check out the “Gucci Mane for President” video below:

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