Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman & More Clash: “You F*cking Stole Money From Us You F*cking Snake”

Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman & More Clash: “You F*cking Stole Money From Us You F*cking Snake”

Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame and OJ Da Juiceman all lit up their Twitter pages over the weekend with disses and jabs over their association to one another.

Gucci appeared to strike first by letting the world know Waka is reportedly still signed to his label.

“Waka signed to Gucci. Scooter signed To Gucci. Thugg signed to Gucci. Everyone else I don’t even want da money back I invested.,” Gucci tweeted September 7.

“Worthless. Dz major labels f*cking these artists. I pity Them”

“60 k. French montana. Was. Laying in deb bed. Ask. Warner. 60 k advance I took as insult gave to your aunt t. Im rich b*tch”

“U. Broke. Cuz. U garbage.”

“Ask french montana. He probaly never had seen 60. My Lil boy 6 yrs old frenchie he can. Wipe his a**. Wut a 60. She stoke 500kfrom oj”

“Ask. Oj. If. Deb. Stole every front end from him for. 3 to 4 years. That’s f*cked up. Ask french Montana did I give sugar 60 4 bsm”

“All. My artist I sign I give 200k or better ask scooter ask waka. All my niggas up” (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

Waka turned things up by going at Gucci and referring to him by the ice cream tattoo on his face.

“The Internet is one thing. But the streets know #IceCreamCone got more security then the president #StudioThug,” Waka tweeted September 7.

“When I met #IceCreamCone he was wearing cowboy boots and clear Jordan’s #Rns”

“Them Detroit n*gga had #IceCreamCone shook ask #Sweets&Trick save to puss a** #StudioThug”

“Gd’s surround your hotel in Chicago #IceCreamCone @gucci1017 was blowing my phone up …. Don’t make me expose you myG”

“No more attention see me when you see me” (Waka Flocka Flame’s Twitter)

Waka Flocka affiliate Frenchie spoke out and put Gucci on blast with a slew of accusations.

“@gucci1017 you f*cking stole money from us being a lable you f*cking snake,” he tweeted September 7.

“@gucci1017 waner Bros gave you the sack for BrickSquad and you blew the money f*got rickross got the same deal for his artis

“@gucci1017 you ain’t a Boss you a thief WE MAde BRICKSQUAD n*gga” (Frenchie’s Twitter)

A day later, fellow Atanta rapper OJ Da Juiceman jumped in on the dispute.

“N*ggaz forgot who made bricksquad n*ggaz know they ain’t never had no bricks frfr,” he tweeted September 8.

“Some told me to get on twitter and I see n*ggaz talking Brazy bout the Kidd we was just Boyz see where that homeboy sh*t get cha”

“I can’t beef wit a n*gga who grew up behind a picket fence our struggle wasn’t the same I’m GONE!!!! 32ent!!!”

“N*ggaz MADD at me cuzz they MADD at they boss nigga I’m my own boss hype man a** n*ggaz mayne!!!!”

“And I never heard a diss record from big Gucc say’n my name#FACTS” (OJ Da Juiceman’s Twitter)

In June, Gucci revealed both he and Waka Flocka are signed to the parent label 1017 Brick Squad.

“1017 Brick Squad records was a label I made when I ended my partnership with So Icey Entertainment. I signed Waka to that label and I signed myself to the label. OJ Da Juiceman actually came up with the name Brick Squad. We were like a group Brick Squad: me, Wooh da Kid, Frenchie, Juice and Waka. We were gonna drop a group album. Then I decided to just focus on me and Waka. While I focused on me and Waka, we dropped Ferrari Boyz. Then after we dropped the Flockaveli album, Waka decided he wanted to have his own label and put out some of his own artist,s cause he’s got a lot of people that he collaborate with and a lot of artists that love to work with him. That’s where the BSM came in, that’s his imprint that he’s starting off and trying to get going. But both me and Waka are signed to 1017 Brick Squad records, with a partnership with Atlantic right now.” (The FADER)

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