Gucci Mane Unzips Embarrassing ‘Spring Breakers’ Sex Scene Mishap

Gucci Mane Unzips Embarrassing ‘Spring Breakers’ Sex Scene Mishap

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has come forward to address reports this week about falling asleep during his Spring Breakers sex scene and said fans should believe the hype.

Gucci said despite his love for the film’s director, Harmony Korine, his own business commitments ultimately caught up with him during the sex scene.

“Yes, I was knocked out. I was tired. I had a concert down there in St. Petersburg, one of the days I had to shoot a scene. Same time, same night. We started shooting at ten o’clock in the evening until one or two o’clock. I was extremely tired because Harmony would work for almost 48 hours straight, I think. Even though Harmony is a close friend and a great director, he’s a hard boss. Make sure you put that in bold letters. [Laughs.]” (Vulture)

A day prior, Korine dished out the details of Gucci’s unexpected accident.

This scene, thought Korine, would be a piece of cake; after all, Korine had gone to great lengths to cast a love interest with a booty grand enough to pique Gucci Mane’s interest: “They sent me a clip of this girl walking across the room with three or four Coke cans on her ass, and we cast her, based on that video,” Korine told Vulture. Alas, there was one thing Korine hadn’t counted on: how super fucking stoned Gucci would be by the time cameras began to roll. “In his entourage, everybody smokes weed from the beginning of the day to the end,” explained Korine. “So we’re inside this house in St. Petersburg, and the f*cking weed smoke was so insane and Gucci was basically catatonic. I was like, ‘Gucci, you’ve got to have sex with this chick now!'” How did he receive the news? “He wanted her to ride him so he wouldn’t have to do any physical labor.” (Vulture)

The filmmaker revealed he realized Gucci was snoring while the steamy scene was being shot.

For a while, that worked. “So we’re shooting the sequence, and as he is getting f*cked, I start to hear snores,” said Korine. “He had literally passed out! And she was riding his d*ck the whole time. I’d never in my life filmed a sex scene where the dude was sleeping … and she was on top of him for a good 45 minutes.” And yes, that’s the take that made it into the film. Laughed Korine: “At the end, he woke up and was like, ‘I feel real nice. I feel like Mozart’s on my d*ck.’ And that was it, and he went back to sleep.” (Vulture)

This week, Spring Breakers actress Vanessa Hudgens dished out co-star Selena Gomez‘s love for Gucci.

Who on the set of Spring Breakers had musical tastes similar to your own? I’d say [co-star] Selena [Gomez] because like me, she’s down with hip-hop and older hippie music. What kind of hip-hop would you guys listen to? Gucci Mane, Selena loves Gucci. He’s like her favorite artist. What music has helped you get over a break-up or a hard time? As cliché as it is, probably Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” That’s basically my theme song. (SPIN)

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