Gucci Mane Spears The Pop Bubble, “I’m Going To Make Her Go Brrr”

Gucci Mane Spears The Pop Bubble, “I’m Going To Make Her Go Brrr”

Southern rapper Gucci Mane will showcase his music versatility by linking up with pop star Britney Spears for an upcoming collaboration.

Asked why he is venturing into the pop world, Gucci said Spears’ rawness drew him in.

Gucci confirms to RumorFix that he’ll be spitting a few bars on Britney’s new tune, “Hit”.  The unlikely duo will meet next week in an Atlanta studio at Mizay Entertainment to record the track. The hip-hop artist tells RumorFix that Britney has been a fan of his music for years, that’s why he chose to do the song with her. “Britney’s so icy,” Gucci tells RumorFix exclusively, “I’m going to make her go Brrr.” Gucci tells RumorFix he chose to work with Britney because she’s “raw and exciting. She’s crazy. We like to get down like that.” (RumorFix)

Gucci’s manager Kali Bowyer also also confirmed Gucci’s new pop move.

“We’ve been running around all day,” Bowyer said. “We’ve been shooting a video. And then we’ll be shooting another video with Kelly Rowland. Gucci’s been working with Britney Spears. All while filming a reality TV show.” (XXL Mag)

Last year, producer Bangladesh hit up SOHH to speak on Gucci venturing into a different creative realm.

“I think Gucci Mane’s interest in doing pop records lately is the label, trying to satisfy them. He’s on a label now so he’s got to kinda go with what they want a little bit. It’s just how it is when you join somebody else’s label man. You can’t always just do what you want to do all the time. They could tell you, “I want you to make these songs,” because at the end of the day, they’re gonna be the ones putting it out. So they gotta feel what they’re putting out. So it just comes along with the territory. So talking about pop records, it’s usually the powers that be and the people at the label telling him he should do [them] so he can cross over. I know that’s not Gucci himself wanting to make pop records.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Outside of music, Gucci made headlines after tattooing an ice cream cone on his face last week.

SO ICEY! Gucci Mane hopped up out of rehab/mental facility a couple days ago. And he may need to demand a refund. Dude visited Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta today. And got this brand new little nugget of classiness–a big *ss ice cream cone complete with color, 3 scoops and the word “Brrr”–covering his whole right facial cheek. Wow. Tattoo artist and owner of the shop, Shane Willoughby, is the artist behind Gucci’s newest tattoo addition. And the master piercer in the shop–Jason Murray–tweeted the pics. (The YBF)

Check out some recent Gucci Mane studio footage down below:

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