Gucci Mane Responds To Young Jeezy Diss, “Ain’t Hard To See What’s Going On” [Audio]

Gucci Mane Responds To Young Jeezy Diss, “Ain’t Hard To See What’s Going On” [Audio]

Gucci Mane has responded to Young Jeezy‘s diss record “24, 23″ and said he would resist dropping a diss track in return for the time being.

In addition to confirming his attendance at this weekend’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta, where Jeezy will be headlining, Gucci spoke with Miss Info and discussed OJ Da Juiceman‘s response to the diss record.

“I like attention,” Gucci said. “I must be doing something right if I got people doing songs about me…I called [OJ] last night…He asked me what I thought about, and I told him I thought it was alright, and he thought it was ok too…Not even that it’s ok, I just got so many other big things going on right now…I don’t think [I’ll respond]. I’ll just give him h*ll by goin’ hard. To be honest with you I can’t wait to do the Birthday Bash [in Atlanta]…I’m too excited. They say me and OJ are the Birthday Bash Boys in Atlanta. So we can’t wait to shut it down. Yeah [the diss was planned]. It ain’t hard to see what’s going on. But to each his own, if that’s what he wants to do. We’re just making hits. Ain’t nobody to diss. Life is good over here in SWATS.” (Miss Info)

Jeezy dropped the diss track earlier this week.

“They say the club is off the chain,” Jeezy raps in the song. “I’m on some Louie sh*t today then some Gucci Mane. This n*gga still on my d*ck, they like some groupies, man. Can’t keep they lips closed, they worse than coochie man. And that fruity lookin’ stupid like some Coogi man. Let you trick me off these streets, you must be stupid man…Tell him this ain’t what he want, not to bust no, but between me and you, I think the boy slow….They say the club is off the chain, straight shots to the heads, them some Juice Man…Ask the real n*ggas in the city who got the juice man. This n*gga talkin’ about the work but what he do man. Y’all know these n*ggas really clowns and I’m the truth man.” (“24, 23″)

Both Jeezy and Gucci went at each other on wax around 2005.

The Gucci and Jeezy quarreling stems from their collabo, “Icy”. Both agree that Def Jam asked Gucci for the song to be included on Jeezy’s album, due July 27, and were turned down. Gucci says Jeezy was upset and started dissing him. Jeezy says he really didn’t like “Icy” to begin with and was not upset that the song was not going to be included on his solo LP. His ire was raised, though, when he got ahold of a dis record Gucci was getting ready to put out about him and was confused. Jeezy subsequently went in the lab and made his dis song, “Stay Strapped.” (MTV)

Jeezy previously said Gucci was the person responsible for their past beef.

“Jeezy Jr. is tripping right now,” Young Jeezy said in a past interview. “It ain’t really no controversy. Me personally, I think he’s trying to sell records. I know where I stand, I know who I am. I’m grown. I don’t play them games. If you wanna play the games, who you think is gonna come out on top? Who do people love and respect more? It ain’t even no competition. What’s today? I give him three more weeks and [his career] is over. When that song dies, it’s done. That song was a stepping stone for me, dog. That wasn’t my career.” (Atlantic Records)

Check out Miss Info’s interview with Gucci below:

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