Gucci Mane Reloads, Fires Another Yung Joc Shot

Gucci Mane Reloads, Fires Another Yung Joc Shot

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has no plans of apologizing to Yung Joc for publicly dissing him on his “F*ck the World” record, now going an extra step to taunt the ex-Bad Boy.

Gucci utilized his Twitter page to directly go at Joc’s image and also promoted his anti-Young Jeezy “Truth” diss.

“I’m a go head and say it @iamyungjoc a #B*TCH,” Gucci tweeted October 21st.

“This ain’t a Diss record just the #TRUTH.!!!!!!! #TRAPGOD speaks download on iTunes” (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

Joc also got onto Twitter and downplayed Gucci’s diss.

“”@Nuface: @IAMYUNGJOC City too small.Its just #Bait” Exactly”

“”@YikesSheSaidIt: @IAMYUNGJOC @gucci1017 What is it all Aboutt Im Confused????????????..!!” I couldnt even tell you my n*gga”

“”@taaalib: @IAMYUNGJOC @gucci1017 when u put lol in a tweet. It’s not serious.”my thoughts exactly” (Yung Joc’s Twitter)

A day prior, Yung addressed the fellow Atlanta hip-hop artist jabbing him on “F*ck the World.”

“We ain’t got to throw hints, the homie Gucci, sounded like he dissed me, which he did, but guess what? Listen to the name of the song, ‘F the World,'” Joc said in an interview. “That’s what he on right now. You see he going in at everybody neck but whatever. One thing you got to give Gucci credit for, man, the guy is a master at getting his name in your mouth. … He’s learned how to do it, he’s done it several times — you gotta salute that, whether you like it or not. I ain’t tripping ’cause I know my financial status and situation. So it is what it is but I mean, you gotta love it.” (“The Loud Pack Show”)

On “F*ck the World,” Gucci also takes a jab at an ex-Jeezy affiliate.

On his track, “F*ck The World”, off of his newly released Trap God mixtape, Gucci goes after Yung Joc in the second verse of the song. Gucci claims that Yung Joc, who was previously signed to Bad Boy South and had the hit song “It’s Going Down”, is broke as a joke. In the lyric Gucci also goes after Kenneth “Block” Russell, Jeezy’s ex-manager. “I got all eyes on me like Pac did/But I ain’t tryin’ to go broke like Joc did/I ain’t tryin’ to f**k my deal up like Block did.” Block previously had a deal with Bad Boy South that went belly up after the artists he signed didn’t produce up to Diddy’s standards. (All Hip Hop)

Check out Yung Joc addressing Gucci Mane below:

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