Gucci Mane Bets $100,000 He “Can & Will Beat Jeezy A**”

Gucci Mane Bets $100,000 He “Can & Will Beat Jeezy A**”

Coming fresh off the release of his “Truth” diss record, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is not quite done going at music rival Young Jeezy.

Gucci hopped on Twitter over the weekend to continue his anti-Jeezy campaign.

“What up I would like to invite Young Jeezy & any other sucker to my TRAPGOD release party at DOA 10/17 We can address any unresolved issue.,” he tweeted October 13th.

“I Radric Davis aka Guwap bet 100K I can and will beat Jeezy ass #JUSTTRUTHS”

“I attended Jeezy and Tip party dead fresh I wonder if they got the nuts to come to mine at DOA. #TRAPGOD 10/17/12″

“I bet Slick Pulla don’t show up to his show tonight. #TRAPGOD 10/17/12″

“No Disrespect to Clay but if Tip wanna get into it he can. #TRAPGOD 10/17/12″ (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

Hours prior, the Atlanta rapper dropped his “Truth” diss track.

“80 chains going and ain’t took one yet /Ain’t nothing retarded ’bout Gucci but this gold Rolex /A ten thousand dollar bounty put on my neck /I hope you didn’t pay them cause they didn’t have no success /You seen my interview n*gga and you got upset /I seen your interview too, you looked oh so stressed /I think the n*gga just mad cause I f*cked his ex /And I’m a big dog, he got the lil’ boy complex /Go dig your partner up n*gga, bet he can’t say sh*t /And if you looking for the kid I’ll be in Zone 6 /I hit a birthday party fresh, you and ya homeboy Tip /I know y’all seen me over there with that black fo’ fifth…” (“Truth”)

He also takes a jab at Jeezy’s personal life, claiming he fell in love with now-married R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

“I ain’t playing wit ya, I ain’t trying to dance wit ya/I ain’t using hands, let them rubberbands get ya/It take money to go to war and we can go to war n*gga /I ain’t no real rapper, I’m a f*cking grave digger /I’m a old school fool, don’t make me show my age n*gga /Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage n*gga /I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her /But Puff was f*cking her while you was falling in love wit her /Call you to do a song, wouldn’t even smoke no bud wit ya /I was screaming so icy and was a neighborhood n*gga /This AR is my back up cause I don’t need nan n*gga /Must didn’t hear when Flocka said “Let them guns blam n*gga!” (“Truth”)

When getting interviewed by radio host Big Boy earlier in the week, the “Snowman” fired multiple jabs at Gucci.

“I mean, I feel like everybody know that boy retarded, nobody take him seriously. He got an ice cream cone on his face. That being said, I’m not going back. I’m going forward. And then it’s crazy because they’ll call you and want you on a song. And then when you don’t get on a song, that’s what happens.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

Check out Gucci Mane’s “Truth” below:

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