“Gucci Gucci” Hitmaker Kreayshawn Gives Birth, Nicki Minaj Sends Special Gift

“Gucci Gucci” Hitmaker Kreayshawn Gives Birth, Nicki Minaj Sends Special Gift

West Coast rapper Kreayshawn is going to have to spend some time away from the recording studio booth after reportedly giving birth to a boy named Desmond this week.

After mounted speculation, Kreay confirmed the baby news heading into the weekend.

“Yee I had my a baby boy yesterday! He’s 7lbs and 3 ounces of cuteness and his name is Desmond,” she tweeted September 20.

“Taking cute lessons from a cute baby.”

“How just realized a lot of things are dumb just now.” (Kreayshawn’s Twitter)

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj took notice of Kreay’s Twitter page and, specifically, a reference to her new wine company.

“http://myxfusions.com but I’ll send u some ;)> RT “@KREAYSHAWN: I wanna drink Nicki Minaj’s moscato drink on my bday. Where can I get?” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

The “Gucci Gucci” hitmaker kept fans updated on her son’s progress, including his first car ride.

“Wait I’m literally like in a OMG state. I’m in the back of the car it’s my son’s first car ride and The Queen Nicki offers me Moscato!”

“Desmond is a sleeping goon.” (Kreayshawn’s Twitter)

Kreay recently revealed her decision to make some sacrifices in light of being pregnant.

“It wasn’t really hard to quit. I found out really early then I was like “Oh my god, this is it, this is the last time I’m ever smoking,” and I haven’t smoked since… but I quit smoking cigarettes last year. That’s hard cause you’re actually really addicted to it., but weed is different ’cause you’re not physically addicted to it. So it was really easy to quit smoking weed. But you can’t smoke weed while breastfeeding either, so that’s a whole six months of not smoking weed either. I just tweeted a second ago, “What is a blunt? I don’t even know what a blunt is anymore.” I haven’t even seen one in so long… now they got all these hookah pens, vape pens… those weren’t even out when I was smoking. All this shit that’s come out while I’ve been pregnant… what is this technological stuff? Everything’s advancing.” (Frank 151)

Back in May, Kreay hopped onto her Instagram page to break the pregnancy news.

Kreayshawn is pregnant. She revealed the news to the world via Instagram. Now, you can all go back to doing whatever you were doing before. “Everyone’s been wondering why all my pics have been neck up. WELL here’s a neck down one! IM GONNA BE A MOM! (Im pregnant)” (VIBE)

She also used Twitter to thank fans for all of the support and congratulatory tweets.

“Thankz again for all the luv today! V much appreciated! I feel so guuuud now.,” she tweeted May 5th.

“Motherhood is bout to be my new hood! LOL!!” (Kreayshawn’s Twitter)

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