GTA V Star Warns TV Actors To Watch Their Money: “I’ve Just Done Something That’s A Billion-Plus” [Video]

GTA V Star Warns TV Actors To Watch Their Money: “I’ve Just Done Something That’s A Billion-Plus” [Video]

With Grand Theft Auto V finally on store shelves this week, one of the game leading voiceover actors Shawn Fonteno has stepped out to issue fair warning to Hollywood.

Shawn, who plays main character “Franklin” in the game, boasted about the latest Rockstar release’s real-life settings.

“The craziest line or script — well, I took a lot of the stuff that I did and we had to revamp some stuff and give it that L.A. feel. Like, the Lamar character, it was a scene where he come out and say some stuff like, ‘Like homie, I can take care of my siz-zelf.’ And I’m like, ‘No the ‘F’ you ciz-zan’t, n*gga.’ I took a lot of stuff and turned it into the L.A. feel, homie. [This game] compares real, it’s me. That’s me. How Franklin is up in there, man, that’s how it is, man. If you ask Frankln who he is playing in real life, he’ll say Shawn, a.k.a. Solo. … I honestly want to say you’ve got to play it to see [the strip clubs], but I’m going to give you a little bit, yeah man. It’s strip clubs, we having fun, man. It’s just every day life, man. Anything you can do in there, you can do in real life. They didn’t hold no bars back, man. It’s a fun game, you’re going to feel like you’re living it.” (TMZ)

Fonteno also challenged Hollywood actors and referenced the billion dollar industry video games have turned into.

“I’m good homie, I can’t give you all my business like that. I’m good,” Fonteno added when asked how much he makes doing video game voiceovers. “Actually, we bigger than TV actors, to be honest with you. For real, man. I’ve just done something, homie, that’s like a billion plus. You know what I’m saying? We good, dog. The voice actors in these games, we are the top actors. We just ain’t out there like that but guess what? I’m out there like that. Y’all are going to see a whole bunch of me. Real talk.” (TMZ)

A photo of Shawn and the other real-life voice actors has started to make its rounds online this week.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has three protagonists, as you know by now, and along with the game’s launch comes a shot of the men who lent their voices to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Ned Luke, the actor who voiced Michael in the game, posted a picture of the three men together on his Facebook page. In the picture you can see Steven Ogg (Trevor), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) and Ned Luke (Michael), respectively. GTA 5 is out today on PS3 and Xbox 360. (VG 247)

The new GTA title is expected to hit $1 billion in its first 30 days in stores.

“Grand Theft Auto V,” the video game featuring gangsters swimming with sharks, is forecast to generate $1 billion in sales in one month, four times the amount Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (TTWO) spent to make it. The title, five years in the making, cost as much as $250 million to develop and market, according to Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. It hit stores today and may top the $900 million debut of its record-setting predecessor, estimates Colin Sebastian, an analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co. (Bloomberg)

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