“Green Is The Color Of Money & My Favorite Medicine”

“Green Is The Color Of Money & My Favorite Medicine”

With his new Rolling Stoned album on shelves nationwide, Harlem rapper Smoke DZA sits down with SOHH and breaks down the motivation behind his LP’s smoky cover art.

While admitting Rolling Stone magazine provided him the format, DZA said late reggae singer Bob Marley ultimately inspired the cover.

“My inspiration for Rolling Stoned really came from [late reggae singer] Bob Marley,” DZA told SOHH. “The cover that I used was an actual Bob Marley cover. It was done the same way, in 1981. It wasn’t a cover that came out in the states, but it was a cover that came out in Europe. I’m not sure. I saw that cover and immediately got inspired. Bob Marley is one of my favorite people in life.” (SOHH)

The marijuana-rapping emcee also said his back-up cover imitation art would have been late rocker Jimi Hendrix.

“I got the cover from Bob and it was either him or [late rocker] Jimi Hendrix. But I got more in common with Bob so I went with that. Green is the color of money and my favorite medicine,” DZA added. “So it all made sense to go with this cover.” (SOHH)

He recently talked to SOHH and gave his top reasons fans should support the LP.

“The second reason is becaues it’s a fun album. If you like having fun, this is what you want. Hip-hop is really going back into a fun stage where it was hurting us for a few years because everything was too dead a**. You’ll have fun while you’re listening to this. Hip-hop lost that essence of having fun. I’m a fun guy. That’s just my nature. I’m into goofing and making people laugh. That sh*t that my favorite artists would do. I try to stay to what I do best which is have fun, smoke a lot of weed and make people laugh.” (SOHH Buy My Record)

DZA’s new album features guest spots from Curren$y, Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar.

1. Wonderful World Of The Kushedgod 2. He Has Risen 3. Loudest Batch feat. Den10 4. On The Corner feat. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. 5. Ball Game feat. Kendrick Lamar 6. We Out 7. 4 Loko feat. ASAP Rocky 8. Notorious feat. Fiend & Big Sant 9. Pow Wow feat. Dom Kennedy 10. Quiet 11. Overhigh feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & ScHoolboy Q 12. Personal Party feat. Curren$y 13. Live Life feat. Marz Lovejoy (iTunes Bonus) (Rolling Stoned)

Check out Smoke DZA’s “Quiet” below:

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