Got Grillz? Kobe Bryant’s Customized Mouth Bling On Deck, Says Paul Wall

Got Grillz? Kobe Bryant’s Customized Mouth Bling On Deck, Says Paul Wall

After making global headlines this week for customizing gold-winning Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte‘s ice grill, Houston rapper Paul Wall now says he is down to hook up Team USA’s Kobe Bryant with a similar mouthpiece.

If Bryant is up for the grill, Wall said it would be decked out with gold and purple gems to match the Los Angeles Lakers’ team colors.

If the Team USA men’s basketball team goes on to win a gold medal–something they’re largely expected to do–the People’s Champ and TV Johnny would love to see Kobe rocking their grill. “He’s the greatest basketball player of our era, of his generation right now,” Paul Wall told XXL. “We want to see him wear [a grill]…that’d be sick.” Best of all, Wall already has a vision for Bryant’s expensive conversation. “A gold one with purple stones in it,” Wall said. “Purple and gold for the Lakers.” (XXL Mag)

Wall’s business partner TV Johnny said fellow Team USA teammate LeBron James has purchased grills in the past.

“I’d love if Kobe rocks one of our grills,” said TV Johnny, who added that Bryant’s Olympic teammate LeBron James has purchased four grills from him and Wall in the past. “That’d be the best. He’s a big part of hip-hop. We would do whatever he wants.” Best of all, Bryant would be able to do whatever he wants for free. (XXL Mag)

In May, G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean got laced with a diamond-flooded grill from Wall.

Big Sean added some sparkle to his smile thanks to Houston rapper and go-to grill maker Paul Wall. The Detroit MC showed off his sparkly new accessory featuring a row of white and gold diamonds. “Hey mom, no cavities,” tweeted Sean, who was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2012 BET Awards. (Rap-Up)

Last fall, the Houston rap veteran hit up SOHH and talked about the popularity of grills in the South.

“[In Texas,] we’ve been selling grillz for so long. They were around long before [becoming associated with hip-hop culture] and they will be around long after. It was so big in the hood and throughout the underground, but then it became a national trend and a fad. It even turned into something that went international. There’s a lot of people overseas that are still selling them. They blew up and people think they kind of went away. The trending and fad aspect of it has passed. It’s not a trend anymore. It’s not a fad anymore. From the people who have been wearing grillz and with the people that treat it like it’s a part of life, and part of the culture, it’s part of your culture and so you’re still going to wear them.” (SOHH Guest Star)

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