God’s Son Is Back: Nas’ “Life Is Good” First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

God’s Son Is Back: Nas’ “Life Is Good” First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Rap veteran NasLife Is Good solo album should have no problem crushing its competition next week with seven-day estimates up to 125,000 sold units.

Based on one-day estimates, Nasty Nas’ long-awaited solo effort is headed to number one on the music sales chart.

Nas’ new Def Jam/IDJ album, Life is Good, is his 10th in an impressive career dating back to ’94’s now iconic Illmatic. It should debut at #1 on next week’s HITS Album sales chart with between 115-125k in sales, according to one-day sales figures provided by those music retailers who are still creating jobs, according to President Obama. The quintessential N.Y. rapper’s last album, Untitled, debuted in July four years ago with 187k in first-week sales. (HITS Daily Double)

The rap mogul’s newest album features guest spots from Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross and more.

Collaborations with artist like Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz and Nas’ solos arrange themselves into a coherent necklace made of discreet gems. Old mixes with new, noir enters the flow and the lyrics are tinged with both vulnerability and brutality. (Huffington Post)

His album has received rave reviews courtesy of major publications like the Los Angeles Times.

This is turning out to be one of the most vibrant and exciting years for hip-hop music in at least a decade, a place where hot young tykes such as Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky and Earl Sweatshirt are competing for the same piece of the pie as veterans like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas and Killer Mike. In the past, many vets were placed on waivers by major labels who valued youth and hype over style and experience, never to be heard from again. In the 2012 world of mixtapes and universal access, the crowd defines who’s tired and who’s still got it. Nas not only still has it, but has vast quantities of it. Luckily for us, he’s still inspired by the need to share — even the moments when life isn’t all that great. (LA Times)

Nas recently revealed ex-wife Kelisreaction to the cover art featuring her wedding dress.

“I think I told her about two weeks before it went out. Work was done. Two weeks before it went out,” Nas said in an interview. “At first, she was like, are you dissing me? I was like, ‘Come on man, we grown. There was a time when it was turmoil but I’m not trying to play you and just showing what people know. They know we split. The divorce was public, people knew about it.’ …. Honey’s a good girl and she just caught a bad rap in the whole thing. It wasn’t fair though. I love people that ride with me, because people had to split sides. Her friends had to go with her, my friends [with me]. But at the end of the day, I think they were too harsh.” (Hot 97)

Check out a recent Nas interview below:

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