Glasses Malone Denied “Prom” Performance, “I Feel Bad For The School Kids”

Glasses Malone Denied “Prom” Performance, “I Feel Bad For The School Kids”

West Coast rapper Glasses Malone has been denied the opportunity to perform at an upcoming Utah school prom due to his lyrical content.

Despite winning a radio contest and being requested by the student body, Malone’s appearance has been called off by school officials.

Prom night at Clearfield High School will have a band but no performance by the Los Angeles rapper. School officials nixed the visit from Glasses Malone after deciding his music lyrics are not appropriate for a school function. Students won the performance in a text message contest sponsored by radio station U92. (KUTV News)

U92 radio promotion coordinator Sergio Sanchez confirmed the decision and offered his thoughts on the school’s move.

Sanchez said the lyrics the artists use are approved by the Federal Communication Commission, but “Utah is a conservative state,” he explained. “These artists are welcomed at any school in any state in the country. I feel bad for the school and kids. I definitely understand the concern because Utah’s mentality is so conservative. It’s not an issue with the kids, they know and understand the music, but adults have a different perspective. (Standard Examiner)

Malone is known for speaking on his past criminal-based lifestyle prior to entering his rap career.

His whole family was very deep in the illegal drug trade (his mother was convicted and sentenced to prison for 25 years). He eventually abandoned hustling drugs and gang-banging to pursue music fully. He immediately made a big impact with street albums The Crack Mixtape (2003) and White Lightning (2005) which together sold in the tens of thousands and provided a number of hits for L.A. radio. (Who Is GMalone)

He is reportedly under contract with Cash Money and Mack 10‘s label.

Malone was released from his Sony contract in 2007, but wasted no time in securing a joint deal with Cash Money and Westside Connection Mack 10’s Hoo-Bangin’ imprint practically a week later. He then offered up his first proper single, “Certified,” with hook-crooner Akon, which slowly made its way into national radio rotation. (All Music)

Malone has yet to release a statement regarding the decision.

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