Glasses Malone Addresses Ice Cube Beef Rumors, “As Much As Them Old N*ggas Hate Me, They Respect My Motherf*cking Mind!”

Glasses Malone Addresses Ice Cube Beef Rumors, “As Much As Them Old N*ggas Hate Me, They Respect My Motherf*cking Mind!”

Cash Money Records’ Glasses Malone has addressed recent speculation of trying to spark an Ice Cube beef on Twitter today and said he has always paid homage to rap veterans.

From Malone’s perspective, Cube has been going after him and West Coast rapper Jay Rock.

“What kills me is how some of the OGS talk sh*t in the press but when the see me face to face.. give me props and say they understand,” he wrote. “It aint no beef!!! I see these n*ggas sometimes!! Its all love! yet they slander a n*gga to the blogs! Yet they hate to the DJS Of course they dont wanna see a n*gga like me get it!!! When is the last time they helped a n*gga get it!! Truth is I never asked for Ice Cube’s help!!! Not one time!! I never dissed that N*gga either… Get Yo Facts St8!! I’mma REAL ONE … I heard they said we aint paid dues!! Aint that a b*tch!! I gave up the trap for this sh*t! To have a bunch of n*ggas block me!! … Ice Cube throws shots at me and Rock in a mag interview!! But I paid homage at the VIP when I met him!!! All these oG n*ggas i see um and pay my respects!!!! yet they get on some bullsh*t with a n*gga!!!! All you other n*ggas who use to push New West can suck OG d*ck all you want!! U aint gon get nuthin, but C*m on your shirt! Cuz as much as them old n*ggas hate me, they respect my muthaf*ckin MIND!!!” (Glasses Malone’s Twitter)

Last March, Glasses said he did not have any problems with Ice Cube.

“I’ve always stated that I’ve never had personal problems with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. Snoop Dogg is one of my favorite rappers and Ice Cube influenced my style. You can hear Ice Cube in my style. I don’t think it was ever an issue of me not liking or disrespecting them but I am a competitive dude and I come up under their reign of competitive nature. The veterans are very competitive with each other. Naturally I come in to this business as a competitor, especially if that artist is not responsible for my career. I want to be as dope as Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, damn it. I didn’t get in to this business to be below anybody. That competitive nature on the microphone tends to make me an outcast.” (All Hip Hop)

Jay Rock also explained taking the defensive approach when reading recent “New West” comments made by Cube.

“I felt without him saying who he was talking about, that was a slap in the face of all the rappers in L.A. that’s been grindin’ hard and it confused a lot of fans because they don’t know who he talking about and what’s going on behind the scenes,” he explained in an interview. “Let me clear this up for all the IceCube d*ck riders who feelings got hurt… I’m really a Cube fan and I know he paved the way for n*ggas like me. In my comments I never dissed him. I’m not looking for no attention in that way. I’m on the cover of XXL right now and I’ve been in every other magazine out. I’ve had videos on BET and MTV so attention is not what I’m looking for from this. To be real, it’s the same thing he was on when he was coming up. Sh*t, the name of his group was ‘N*ggas With Attitude.’ They spoke up on whatever they was feeling. So why is it so wrong when I say something?” (XXL Mag)

Cube, writing via a blog entry, called out the emergence of certain new West Coast emcees earlier this year.

“What’s up with these local MC’s in L.A. who keep disrespecting me? They’re just mad cause I don’t f*ck with they wack-a**,” he wrote. “They ain’t on my level, why should I waste my time. I don’t even remember ever meeting these clowns or even being in the same room with any of ‘em. They can’t make a name for themselves so they need help from the O/G’s. I refuse the throw’em a life line. F*ck’em. It ain’t my job to make nobody famous. And for the record, I ain’t scared of no n*gga. Especially, no rappers….seriously people.” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

Check out Mack 10 & Glasses Malone’s “Girls Everywhere” song below:

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