Ghostface Admits “It’s F*ckin’ Hard” To Keep Wu-Tang Together [Video]

Ghostface Admits “It’s F*ckin’ Hard” To Keep Wu-Tang Together [Video]

Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah recently weighed in on the drama surrounding his crew, notably Raekwon initially falling back on plans to contribute to a new reunion album. #FamilyTies

Instead of choosing sides, Ghost acknowledged how much effort and force is needed to keep a veteran hip-hop group together for decades.

“You can’t really get mad at it because look at all the groups you know that was from back then. They replace them with new members and some n*ggas die off. That’s what happens. So, to try to keep this family together, yo, it’s f*ckin” hard,” Ghost said in an interview. “We love each other, but love and business is two different things. You gotta understand. We’re men now. We ain’t coming in on some Fat Albert And The Gang sh*t like we did early on. We got heads on our shoulders now. We got babies. Some of us is grandparents. So, you gotta make sure your foundation is right. Wu-Tang is the foundation.” (Complex News)

This week, Raekwon admitted business complications had delayed his involvement on a new Wu project.

“I’m happy. I love the Wu-Tang fans. I love my crew,” Rae said in an interview. “But it’s business. When you got babies, nothing don’t count unless it makes sense for them.” (Shade 45)

According to a Wu-Tang blog post from last month, a truce between Rae and RZA had been made.

Breaking news : Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio Breaking news : Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album : A Better Tomorrow Details coming! (Wu Tang Clan)

Recently, RZA revealed there were two possibilities if the Chef did not take part in the upcoming group release.

“I haven’t said this publicly but let me say this,” RZA explained in an interview. “The album is slated to come out in July. If we don’t come to terms I think within the next 30 days, then this will have to be an album without Raekwon or it’ll never see the light of day and that’s a very strong potential because I would not want to put out a Wu-Tang album without every alive member available. I can’t put Ol’ Dirty on it because he’s not here physically.” (Sports Illustrated)


Check out Ghostface Killah’s interview:

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