Ghostface Accepts Chris Brown’s Public Apology, “Just Don’t Do That Sh*t No More”

Ghostface Accepts Chris Brown’s Public Apology, “Just Don’t Do That Sh*t No More”

Ghostface Killah recently sat down with SOHH and weighed in on the public apology Chris Brown made regarding the Rihanna incident.

Ghostface said he’s not sure what effect Brown’s apology will have on his career.

“I guess it’s good he said sorry,” he told SOHH. “He ain’t gettin’ no spins. Then I heard Jay-Z was like, ‘Yo tell them motherf*ckers don’t play that n*gga’s sh*t.’ N*ggas ain’t playing it. He a young dude. It’s good that he apologized though. I don’t know to what effect that it’s going to have on the other people though but he did what he had to do. Now he has to learn from it. I hope that he get back in the game and just do what he do. Just don’t do that sh*t no more because now you know.” (SOHH)

Jay-Z recently disputed the rumors that he was blacklisting Chris Brown from the industry.

“That is the silliest rumor I ever heard… That’s not even my style. If I got a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I haven’t said anything live or behind the scenes. I don’t agree with what he did, that’s it. But as far as not letting him perform at the BET Awards, come on, that’s stupid, that’s a sucker move…I didn’t do it and I wouldn’t do it, that’s not how I deal with my problems.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Earlier this year Ghost dedicated his song “Message from Ghostface” to Rihanna.

“This is for all my women out there that be getting beat up,” Ghost says in the intro. “You know what I mean, struggling, welfare, sometimes the jobs ain’t right, they going through mad trauma, especially with they man when they don’t really need that sh*t, Rihanna, they know what they going through…I can see it in your face, you’ve been hurt mad times/Fell in love on the block and couldn’t read the signs/In the beginning it was all good/He sexed you good/Kept you close in the bed real tight…Then problems come when the affection slows down.” (You Tube)

Ghostface is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album.

“The new album is called The Wizard of Poetry,” Lenny S announced in an interview. “It is an R&B album. When I say that, this is what I mean, Ghostface usually raps over melodic, soulful R&B tracks. This time, we came around and I had him rhyme over the same type of tracks, but we matched him with great R&B stars. John Legend is on there. Raheem DeVaughn is on there. Estelle is on there. Musiq Soulchild is on there. Lloyd is on there. We just paired him up. It’s the same Ghost, the same gritty host, the same Ghost that talks to the ladies in that soulful voice along with R&B hooks.” (MTV)

Check out the video of Chris Brown’s apology below:

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