Game’s Fiancée Says She Healed His 50 Cent Wounds: “I Helped Him When He First Left G-Unit”

Game’s Fiancée Says She Healed His 50 Cent Wounds: “I Helped Him When He First Left G-Unit”

West Cosat rapper Game’s fiancée Tiffney Cambridge recently discussed her relationship with the hip-hop star and how they met following his fallout with 50 Cent in the mid-2000’s.

Cambridge said their early friendship slowly developed into a strong romantic bond.

“Through my sister’s kid’s dad. His sister does hair in his barbershop, so when I would go get my hair done, I would see Jayceon there,” Cambridge said when asked how they met, referring to Game by his government name. “He would flirt back and forth with me, then I would see him sometimes at some parties and he’d just be flirting like, ‘Can I take you out?’ and all that kind of stuff. … We had a lot of fun together. When I was with him, I forgot about a lot of the grief that I was going through at that time [with my mother passing]. He helped me and I helped him when he first left G-Unit. We just really developed a unique friendship and through that we just kind of fell in love.” (VIBE Vixen)

She also defended her past decisions of turning down Game’s marriage offerings.

“The first couple of proposals were him doing anything just to get me back. When I left him, it was, ‘Will you marry me? Come on, let’s go down to the justice of the peace.’ He would just do anything. The last one where he proposed to me at my school was probably the most memorable one, although I was mad at him for doing that because I was caught off guard. I just had gotten my wisdom teeth pulled, so I was in a lot pain. I was not at my best that day.” (VIBE Vixen)

Recently, the former G-Unit member spoke on Cambridge’s persistence on doing a reality show with VH1.

Regardless, Game said his 37-year-old fiancée “found the heads of VH1 and started taking her own meetings” to forge ahead with the reality show, a move he’s concerned about since he’s worked to keep his relationship out of the glare of media and public opinion. “I kept her away because I didn’t want her in the light because I felt it could harm or hurt her,” he admitted. “And she wasn’t ready. It’s a lot to deal with. And then on the other hand, I was trying to keep it player.” (ABC News Radio)

He also recently revealed what careers Tiff would prefer to see him in.

“She would rather me be a fireman, even if I had to go sleep at the firehouse three nights a week. She’s rather me be a policeman, even if it means I might die every night I go out to work,” Game told MTV News of his lady, his co-star in VH1’s upcoming reality series “Marrying the Game.””She’d rather me be a trash man, even if it meant picking up sh– and shoveling dirt all day, than a rapper.” (MTV)

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