Game’s Fans Threaten Fox News Reporter: “She Need That Louisville Slugger To The Head Bro”

Game’s Fans Threaten Fox News Reporter: “She Need That Louisville Slugger To The Head Bro”

After a brief war of words, West Coast rapper Game’s loyal fans have gone on a Twitter tirade against a local Fox News reporter who recently critiqued his new Jesus Piece album.

Reporter Michelle Malkin posted up handfuls of threats shot her way by Game’s Twitter followers.

“H*E H*E H*E! RT @Th3realsam @thegame @michellemalkin f*ck that racist Asian looking h*e! #JesusPiece is the album of the year,” she tweeted December 13th.

“Wow. RT @xCaliLife Yo @thegame The only thing this@michellemalkin b*tch is good for is a quick f*ck”

“Noted==> MT @GaryNijjar That b*tch need that louisville slugger to the head bro @thegame”

“Classy. RT @Lt_Arroyo @michellemalkin should eat a d*ck that dumba** b*tch. @thegame makes what you make in a single day you dumb c*nt”

“Note that @thegame and his fans use his salary to justify bad behavior. He makes more than me, so it’s ok to call me a [insert expletive].”

“Trying to be original. MT @asphart702 how can you hate on@thegame when you look like you got hit in the face with Jackie Chan’s d*ck” (Michelle Malkin’s Twitter)

Earlier in the week, Game rallied up his followers to boycott both Malkin and his local Fox 11.

“#BOYCOTT @michellemalkin NOW ! She’s racist, & makin racial & blasphemist comments about my album. Same b!$&% said Obama isnt AMERICAN,” he tweeted.

“We cannot allow racism to carry itself into the NEW YEAR !!!!! We cant !!!!!” (Game’s Twitter)

He also publicly spoke out against the local station in an interview with DJ Skee.

“I was a big supporter of Fox News. I grew up on ‘The Simpsons,’ they come on Fox 11, and now I’ma do everything that I can to try to shut them down because we can’t allow that.” (Rap-Up)

A few days ago, Malkin posted up a photo of Game’s new LP and called it blasphemous.

Rapper The Game depicts Jesus as a tattooed Blood gangsta. See the blasphemously “dope” album cover here. (Michelle Malkin)

Check out a recent Game interview:

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