Game’s B-Day Party Twerk-Off Ends In Bloody Brawl, Arrests [Video]

Game’s B-Day Party Twerk-Off Ends In Bloody Brawl, Arrests [Video]

West Coast rapper Game’s 34th birthday celebration last night (November 26) was overshadowed after female partygoers went at each other’s necks following an impromptu twerk competition.

Footage of what all went down following Game’s party has hit the Internet.

A night of innocent booty shaking turned VIOLENT at The Game’s birthday party in L.A. last night — when several women straight up BRAWLED in the street … and TMZ has the footage. It all went down outside Supperclub — where one of the women put on a twerk show for the rapper earlier in the night while he was inside of his car. A short time later, the woman gets into a fight with another clubber and it sounds like they were arguing over a man. One thing led to another … and they were full on fighting in the street. There was hairpulling … shoes were used as weapons … a couple of boobs fell out … and one of the fighters was left covered in blood. Cops eventually arrived and at least one of the women was handcuffed. Just another night out in Hollywood. (TMZ)

On a more positive note, Game recently revealed plans to donate thousands of dollars to victims of a recent disaster.

“I know many of you might’ve heard about the typhoon in the Philippines by now where their death total continues to rise daily and is now roughly about 2,500 bodies found dead with an expected 100-150 more daily says their President Benigno Aquino. This hurts my heart knowing that many of those amongst the dead are little children. Every now & again there is a tragedy that strikes somewhere around the world as the previous Thailand Tsunsmi, Haiti Earthquake & the most vicious here in the states “HURRICANE KATRINA”…..” (Game’s Instagram)

The newest Cash Money Records signee also revealed how his fans could support the relief cause.

“It is in these times where we as people of this world get the opportunity to unite with one another & give back, help aid, lend a hand, donate or just send prayers……. Well I am one of those people, so on behalf of @therobinhoodproject & my charitable partner @DanBilzerian we are donating $10,000 to help aid in the relief efforts to restore whatever possible in such a horrific natural disaster. My heart goes out to the families & friends of those who perished for only God knows I could not deal with the loss of any of mine. If there’s anyone out there who would like to donate anything…. or & to directly help the families go to now !!! I am sure they would appreciate any sum of money donated. Thanks for your help & follow @therobinhoodproject NOW as well as hashtag us at #TheRobinHoodProject to tell us about/keep up with other stories. Thank you – The Game” (Game’s Instagram)

Back in September, the California rapper convinced labelmate Drake to help donate $10,000 to a woman who lost her family to a horrific fire.

Drake and The Game are teaming up to help cover funeral costs for 6 people — including 5 young siblings — who died in a tragic house fire in Ohio … even though the rappers didn’t know the victims. The Game got the ball rolling after learning about Anna Angel — who was working her shift at Burger King when a fire consumed her home while her 5 young children and her boyfriend were trapped inside. There were no survivors. Game Instagram’d about the tragedy … saying, “I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time.”The Game — who recently pledged to donate $1 million dollars to people in need as part of his Robin Hood project — says he was on the phone with Drake when he read about the woman’s loss … and they each agreed to donate $10,000 to help Anna cover the burial costs. (TMZ)

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Check out the footage:

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