Game Wipes His Hands Clean Over NBA Player Sucker Punch: “I Ain’t Had A Good Fight Since I Beat Up 40 Glocc”

Game Wipes His Hands Clean Over NBA Player Sucker Punch: “I Ain’t Had A Good Fight Since I Beat Up 40 Glocc”

West Coast rapper Game has stepped forward to clear the air on reports which suggest he was involved in a physical altercation with NBA star Brandon Jennings last weekend in Los Angeles.

Despite witness accounts and a tweet from BJ, Game has denied harming the basketball star.

“I get a bad rap. I ain’t had a real, good, solid fight since I beat up 40 Glocc. I didn’t punch that dude in the face,” Game said in an interview. “I was right there. Some words was exchanged. He got into it with somebody, and then they took off. I was right there. I seen it, but it wasn’t me. I had to take the Shaggy flow — it wasn’t me.” (Black Sports Online)

Although brief with his words, BJ claimed he was caught off-guard but did not sustain any visible injuries from a punch yesterday (September 25) on Twitter.

“Sucker punch when I wasn’t looking. Ps my face is great looks the same. See!!!,” Jennings tweeted with a photo of himself at the birthday celebration. (Brandon Jennings’ Twitter)

Details of the attack surfaced online this week and connected Game to the NBA star.

Brandon Jennings, the new Detroit Pistons point guard, reportedly got punched in his face at his own birthday party by a rapper in Los Angeles over the weekend. Nothing has been verified, but the mouthy Jennings – my favorite thing about him is the YOUNG MONEY he has tattooed on his upper back – apparently decided he wanted to take over a club (Lure) by hogging the microphone and acting like he ran the joint. It was his birthday, and he recently signed a 3-year, $25 million deal, so I have no problem with this. (The Big Lead)

Accounts from two witnesses singled Game out as the bad guy.

HipHollywood was inside Lure’s ├╝ber popular day party “Toxic” this weekend where a fight went down between NBA star Brandon Jennings and The Game. Moments after we left the venue, multiple sources tell HH that the two men got into an argument over who could use the deejay’s microphone. Jennings was at Lure hosting his birthday party with friends, which didn’t sit well with the Compton rapper who frequents the club. “Game feels like Toxic is his, and he didn’t like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected,” one person who witnessed the altercation tells us. “Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon in the mouth,” another source says. Security quickly broke up the fight, and surprisingly allowed both men and their entourages to stick around. But, the party was ultimately shut down because fighting broke out again between both parties. (Hip Hollywood)

No stranger to club incidents, Game made headlines last year over a publicized fight at Lil Wayne‘s birthday celebration.

“No, because 211 at Lil Wayne’s party was after [the] 40 Glocc [fight],” Game said in an interview. “He was like one of Young Jeezy‘s artists. He was wrapped up in that whole 40 Glocc thing, they was kinda together in it and I caught him at Weezy’s birthday party, I told Wayne — ‘I can’t give him a pass.’ So how am I going to do this since it’s Wayne’s birthday party? So I just went up to Wayne like, ‘Look, this LA, y’all here, it’s a wonderful birthday party, you’re my guy — I gotta put hands on this dude’ and Weezy was like, ‘Go ahead Blood.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa.’ So then I took it a step further and went to Baby — I told Baby the same thing and Baby was like, ‘Go ahead.'” (Hot 97)

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