Game Warns Of West Coast Invasion, “Rap Is About To Be Taken Hostage!”

Game Warns Of West Coast Invasion, “Rap Is About To Be Taken Hostage!”

Black Wall Street leader Game has warned hip-hop heads about a forthcoming West Coast invasion in the form of new albums from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and himself.

Writing via Twitter, Game hinted at his R.E.D. Album being out by spring 2011.

“Think R.E.D.,” Game tweeted Monday (November 22).

“Now think how DOPE it’s gone be to have a SNOOP DOGG, DR.DRE & a GAME album in rotation before spring !!! #WESTCOAST”

“@ItsaPROBLEM I don’t think they UNDERSTAND what is about to happen. RAP is about to be taken HOSTAGE by the GANGSTA’S one mo gen !”

“Now if Tuesday can hurry up so I can invest in this new @kanyewest album. Gotta be DOPE, the boy’s last name is “WEST” ha ha ha…” (Game’s Twitter)

Dre’s Detox is slated to come out around mid-February.

Not that we believe him or anything, but Dr. Dre announced his long-awaited album Detox is set for a February 2011 release. But, he’s probably lying, and we don’t know why keep going back to him after he makes promises like this and just keeps us waiting. We should probably just go back home and live with our mother while we think things over and try to decide if he’s worth believing this time. Detox will feature guest appearances from Dre’s friends Eminem, the Game, La Roux, and Jay-Z along with Snoop Dogg and Akon, who appeared on the single “Kush,” which will receive an official release on Sunday when it becomes available for download. (Prefix Mag)

Snoop’s Doggumentary Music LP is scheduled to be released the following month.

Snoop Dogg has called off plans to release the sequel to his classic debut Doggystyle, instead opting for the title Doggumentary Music for his 11th studio album, set for release in March 2011 via Priority Records/EMI. “I have been in the game for so long and still have the same passion I did when I first started. I want my fans to ride with me on this one and know that I am so focused on bringing good music to them,” explains the veteran MC. “It’s called Doggumentary Music because this is my life and I want to share my music, and my process of making it, with the fans.” (Rap-Up)

Although Game’s R.E.D. does not yet have a release date, rap pioneer DJ Premier recently informed SOHH of his involvement on the album.

“Me and Game just did a banger called ‘Born In The Trap,'” Premier revealed to SOHH. “He was like, ‘Can I get another one?’ I said, ‘What, you didn’t like that one?’ He said, ‘No, no, I want to buy another one!’ I was like, ‘Sh*t yeah.’ [laughs] He said mine is the second song on the album, so, I’m about to do another one for him but the one that we already did, he said it’s going to be the second song. I’m excited about that. I know he’s been leaking out a lot of stuff but he said a lot of the stuff he’s leaking isn’t going to be on the album. I haven’t even heard anything. He knocked that sh*t out with me in one day and I mixed it the same day.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Game footage down below:

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